You Know It’s A Bad Week When …


Is this month week over yet?

I think I’m usually a pretty resilient person, but I’m (really!) ready for some good news.

Ongoing can’t make it go away pain flare-up?   Check!

Poor Paul Newman!  My eyes might have begun leaking on him this week.

I couldn’t seem to make them stop once they started.

He’s very calm in a crisis.

(At least when it’s MY crisis?)

I’d be embarrassed about my leaking eyes, but the man regularly pops my arm on and off of my body.

Who can be embarrassed by *just* leaking eyes?

Weeble wobble legs (SO painful) as a result of my personal training session/s?   Check!

This would be funny if I could actually get my legs to go up or down stairs.

Or if I could sit on a toilet.

Honestly, I can’t even pee straight right now.

Baby Face got a little carried away this week.


I worked out with him twice this week instead of once.

Work outs are SO much harder with him vs. when I work out on my own.

There really isn’t a part of my body that doesn’t hurt.

It even hurts to breathe.

I seriously considered using the elevator at the gym yesterday.

Who does that?  

(I slowly limped my way up the stairs instead, but it was a close call.)

Exercise is good for me, right?

Lost terabytes of irreplaceable photo data?   Check!

Let’s be honest, this is the biggest downer of the whole  decade  year  thing.

If this hadn’t happened, I’d be dealing with everything else in much better spirits.

What about all the people who never back-up their data?

Couldn’t this have happened to THEM?

I always back up my data …

And the one time I don’t???


Life is SO not fair!

Poverty-inducing bill to recover lost data?   Check!

I should be in the data recovery field.

Well, except for the fact I know nothing about data recovery.

Data recovery people have to be the richest people on earth.

Data recovery bills are staggering.


Data recovery specialists know everyone’s secrets.

(Just think of the potential blackmail material they must have access to!)

How many photos do I need to sell just to pay the bill to recover my photos?


Lost Internet connection FIVE times while trying to write a post?  Check!

Have I mentioned this doesn’t seem to be my week?

I think I’ll quit while I have Internet access long enough to push “publish.”

I promise to write about *happy things* tomorrow.

In the meantime,

Let’s have a bitch-fest.

Feel free to gripe about your day/week/month in the comments section today.

C’mon …

It will make me feel better.

Misery loves company ….

12 Responses to “You Know It’s A Bad Week When …”

  1. Missy

    Ok I’ll bitch a little bit! I’ve been working shorthanded for two weeks now and feel buried under a pile of paperwork. I interviewed for 4 internal job transfers and nothing yet. I worry about age discrimination since it seems most other candidates are about twenty four-literally!

    • Suzanne

      Ooooh! I hate paperwork.
      Have you asked your boss/supervisor about transfers?
      I hate work frustrations!
      I hope something good happens for you soon.

  2. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Lost 6 months of photos of my family, primarily my son who was 16 months old at the time. I had started using an external hard drive to backup my precious photos and the backup drive died – no way of recovery back in the late 90’s.
    We had taken several trips and had great vacation shots too. Some of the best pics I had ever taken. I was heartbroken. I would have paid thousands (If I had the thousands to pay back then) to get those photos recovered. Still, to this day – my heart hurts to know I’ll never get to print, share of see those photos ever again. 🙁
    Been down that road – I feel your pain – sort of…

    Realized as much as I want to lose the stupid weight I’ve put on, I can’t work out like a normal person can because of the fibromyalgia doesn’t allow for bounce back recovery. Think I can justify liposuction then? 🙂 Stupid steroids and stupid cellulite! Yucko.

    Gave over 2 months notice that I am quitting my job to ease the company into a positive transition of my duties. 3 weeks left to go till I’m done, who is taking over my duties? *crickets*
    Although, the boss did decide that he is bringing in 4 managers and additional staffing now that I’m leaving. (and they are?)
    Guess the boss finally decided to listen to me that I was doing way too much work for one person. Gee, had to quit my job to actually get results. Jerk.

    Throw some biofreeze on your sore muscles so you can use your legs and butt. 🙂

    • Suzanne

      So sorry about your photos.
      It sucks to lose such special memories.

      Steroids are SO bad re weight gain. : (
      Been there … still fat!

      I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Erica

    My children have seen pictures of my grandparent’s wedding just because they’ve been printed out, put in a tiny photo album and dragged around for years. There are many hard copies in existence now so my grandchildren will probably get to look at them.

    I think I’ll print everything I like from now on, several times.

    • Suzanne

      Oh yes, I should print some of my photos … whether I’ve sold them or not.
      Such a new idea in this day and age!
      : )

  4. Joy

    Well, I have 15 days left to finish packing up most of the house, wash it down for renters, then drive for 7 hours with the family (including the dog!) to move to The Netherlands for 6 months (maybe more, but we don’t know for sure if or how much more), and I can’t get responses to my emails *or* phone calls on houses to rent. Really? Really?? We have short stay accommodations for a week only at this point, and I’m starting to panic.

    Oh, and kid#2 is home sick today, and he’s the nervous kid, so I can’t even have a proper freak-out at home right now.

    I know that we’ll have summer in Europe as a consolation prize, but right now? I just want the house elves from Harry Potter to come and help me pack and clean and clear all this bloody paperwork out of the way. And a whole lot of tequila to ease the pain.

    And I just caught the cat scratching up the brand new reclining sofa. Grrrr….

    • Suzanne

      Moving is SO stressful!
      I feel for you!
      On the other hand, I hope you’ll share some photos once you get settled.
      I’m sure you’ll have a great summer once you get there!

  5. Sandra

    I’m sorry. All that sucks a big one.
    Not really related, but sort of….
    When I worked at SanDisk I had a lady’s phone call transferred to me. She was a teacher from a low-income provider preschool that was partially/mostly paid for by the government. One of our memory cards in her camera wouldn’t retrieve the pictures after a field trip. She’d called the 1-800 tech support line who said it would be $250 to recover the data. Yikes. A trip to the pumpkin patch was a big deal for these kids. The teachers really wanted to print the photos so the kids could take them home and share with their families, but there was no money to cover that expense.
    So, she tried a different route and called HQ, where I worked, to plead her case. In addition to my “real” job in finance, I was also a member of their Community Sharing Committee so her call was transferred her to me. As soon as I heard her story I knew I could help her. She mailed the card directly to me and I had her photos retrieved in 24 hours for free. The DVD was sent to her at no charge and I think we may have sent her a new memory card as well. The school was thrilled. Soon after, I received dozens of sweet preschool hand-written thank you cards on construction paper. I’m so glad we were able to help her.
    Too bad you’re not a preschool. heh

    • Suzanne

      Maybe I AM a preschool?
      Maybe I should become one?
      Maybe I can just pretend?


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