24 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 24 Year Old Self

This is Part 1 of a two part “24” post.

The second post will be published one week from today.  It will be a guest post written by my 24 (!!) year old daughter.  She’s written a list of 24 things she’s learned at 24.

Today, I’m writing a list of 24 things I wish I could go back in time and tell my 24 year old self.

1.  Find time to do the things you love.  One day, sooner than you expect (for whatever reason), you might not be able to do them.

2.  If he doesn’t treat you like gold, move on.  Don’t feel sad about it (for too long, anyway!), and don’t regret it.  You deserve to be loved and cherished in a healthy relationship.

3.  Wear sunscreen (and use some type of retin-A product) every single day, regardless of the weather.  Don’t forget your arms, hands and decolletage.

4.  Your mom will turn out to be your best friend.  (Surprise!)

5.  You will love your children more than you can possibly imagine loving anyone.

6.  Experiences are so much more important than things.

7.  Really bad events don’t just happen to “other” people.  Life will sucker punch you to the ground more than once.  When you think you can’t possibly make it one more day – find a way to hang on.  It does, eventually, get better.

8.  Sometimes it takes a long time to get better, but you’re made of a lot stronger stuff than you realize.

9.  Try to find beauty wherever you are.  It’s always there.  Sometimes we just forget to look.

10.  If you feel sad, make a point to spend some time with nature.  The ocean is always best, but any form of nature will help.

11.  Don’t take day to day challenges so seriously.  Most of your little worries will quickly be forgotten.

12.  Don’t take yourself too seriously either.  Laughter really *is* the best medicine and being able to laugh at yourself is key.

13.  Try not to be so hard on yourself.  You’re doing better with life than you think you are.

14.  Live in the prettiest location you can.  It will bring peace to your heart and joy to your life.

15.  Don’t ever hesitate to seek help from other people as you work your way through life.  Whether it’s a friend, a doctor, or a shrink … people need people to get through rough times.

16.  Chocolate!

17.  Seek out, and surround yourself with, people who make you better at being who you want to be.

18.  Rainy days are great for cooking (and fires in the fireplace).

19.  Dogs are made of love, kisses, and wagging tails.  Try to have one in your life even if you have to “borrow” a friend’s pet.

20.  Eat healthy, exercise, and take care of your body.  If it all goes to hell, life sucks.  Health really does come first.

21.  Be open to new people in your life.  Unexpected friends are treasures.

22.  Time alone is time to grow.  Don’t be afraid of it.

23.  Change happens whether we want it to or not.  Sometimes we try to fight it.  Learn to embrace it.

24.  Don’t try to be like anyone else.  Love who you are – because you are awesome.

8 Responses to “24 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 24 Year Old Self”

  1. Michelle

    These are things I wish we all knew. And need to keep remembering know. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Suzanne

      Your welcome.
      Yep, I was thinking the same thing … most of these apply throughout our entire lives.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Hindsight is a great thing, isn’t it? It’s a WONDERFUL list of things I, too, wish I could tell my younger self.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, hindsight is wonderful.
      I sure have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I suppose most of us do.


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