On My Mind ….

•  I’m going to be making some minor changes here on 24.  I’m mentioning it so you don’t feel surprised if you notice things look a little different.  I also hope to write some posts for my photography page of the blog again soon.

•  I’m spending the morning with Paul Newman.  Due to the 4th of July holiday, I’ve had a longer-than-normal break from physical therapy.  I definitely (whimper!) need to see him.  The man has magic in his hands.  (Sorry ladies, he’s got an adorable wife.  But, if you ever need someone to coax angry body parts into behaving – he’s the one to help.)

•  Have I ever mentioned there are a lot of celebrity type people at PT?  It’s kind of a who’s who of the professional sports and celebrity world.  In other news, I’m really bad at recognizing famous people when I see them.  Usually, about a day later a little light bulb goes on and I realize, “Oh!  That was so-and-so.”

•  Speaking of medical stuff, I ordered a new (updated) medical ID bracelet this week.  I hate spending money on stuff like that, but I know it’s important.

•  There’s less than a month left before my youngest heads off for college.  Aaack!!  (Mom-Tears ahead!!)  We’re busy buying dorm-sized sheets and stuff like that.  I am looking forward to spending some time “shooting” in Texas.

•  I never tire of people-watching at the gym.  I asked Baby Face, “Is it just me, or is the people watching here amazing?”  He agreed – it’s pretty damn phenomenal. Then (as usual) he hurt me.

•  I think my Gym-People-Watching is exceptional because it’s such a large gym with (around) 1,000 members.  I see all sorts of interesting people while I’m there.

•  I’m getting stronger as a result of working out.  My body is a long term project.  If you want to get in really bad physical shape, get in a car accident and follow it up with 7 years of pain and 9 surgeries.  I’m surprised I haven’t gotten frustrated because I tend to be a perfectionist.  It would be nice if I had a great body in a week or two.  But?  After all I’ve gone through I think I’ve finally learned some patience.  I see my legs becoming more defined.  I see my (good) arm getting stronger.  The bad news?  Maybe I’ll get “there” in a couple years.  Did I mention I’m a long term project?

•  I hate wall sits.  (I apologize for the ad at the beginning of that link/youtube video, but the guy has a great body so it’s worth watching.  In the video, he neglects to tell you, you have to do a zillion wall sits if you have an instructor named Baby Face.)

•  The Orange County Fair will be opening this Friday!  Yay!  I love fairs.  (Mainly for the people watching … sense a trend?)

•  It’s hot.  (Yes, I know it’s summer and it’s supposed to be hot.)  Still, it was 93 at my house yesterday and it’s supposed to be hotter today.  I’m so glad our air conditioner has been repaired.

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•  I have 3 hot (and hawt) men working in my backyard (repairing equipment/pipes/pool stuff) this week.  Would they think it’s strange if I started taking photos of them?

•  I recently read The Night Circus (which I hear they’re making into a movie?) and The 5th Wave.  The Night Circus has beautiful imagery.  The 5th Wave is very suspenseful.  I recommend both of them if you enjoy summer reading.


Whew — There’s a lot more going on, but not a lot more writing time.

I do have a question for all of you, though ….

Do any of you have any experience with (or knowledge about) the V-Beam laser?

2 Responses to “On My Mind ….”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Don’t know anything about the laser – I’ve never heard of it, in fact.

    We’re doing the dorm-sized sheets, too, as well as looking at a small crock pot/food warmer, and perhaps a toaster (you KNOW I’m obsessing about the whole “bad food choices” thing). As for the “shooting” – that particular Texas city is beautiful; I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

    • Suzanne

      Most colleges won’t allow anything that “heats” in the dorm rooms.
      Is your son going to be in an apartment?


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