Out Shooting … With a Broken Bicep Tendon


I’m in Newport Beach shooting, in limited doses, today.

And yes, my arm is still a mess but I have work to do.

Someone really needs to invent an artificial bicep tendon.

Why hasn’t anyone done that?

My bicep tendon just randomly pops in and out of my body with a loud and agonizing SNAP … causing my arm to fall off now and again.

It’s quite painful, as you can probably imagine.

(I have all sorts of arm/shoulder problems as a result of the car accident.  My dysfunctional bicep tendon is one of them.)

Here’s some brief boring medical info for those of you who are medical nerds.  (It comes from this article.)

Biceps Tendon Subluxation/Dislocation
The biceps tendon comes up the front of the arm into the shoulder. On the front of the arm, there’s a groove for the tendon called the bicipital groove–a trough in the bone that stabilizes the biceps tendon. On the top of the groove, the rotator cuff holds the tendon in the groove when the arm rotates. In people with specific types of rotator cuff tears, the biceps tendon may not be tightly held in the groove—and may even snap out of the groove—causing a painful snapping sensation. [Editorial note by me:  That’s putting it mildly  It feels more like a dinosaur has just gnashed your arm off with its big gigantic teeth.]  When the tendon is unstable, it is called a subluxation; when the tendon completely comes out of the groove, it is called a dislocation.

My arm keeps hurting, quite a lot, for several days after “snapping” on and off of my body.

Unlike the above (quoted text-book-situation) –

In my case, I don’t have a rotator cuff tear.

(Although, I did pre-forty-bazillion surgeries.)

My rotator cuff has been repaired.  Two or three (?) times, in fact, because the repairs “didn’t take” initially.

My bicep tendon just snaps in and out of its “groove” because it has nothing better to do.

And yes, I’ve had surgery on it ALSO.

In spite of my arm foibles, I’m still quite loyal to Paul Newman.

He might have been the one touching me when my arm decided to fall off this time, but I can’t say it was his fault.

My arm just chooses to pop off my body now and then.

By the way, for those of you who were concerned, Paul Newman is not fazed by my occasional  blog post  rants.

He doesn’t even mind me swearing at him in person.

Really, he doesn’t.

He has a thick skin.

He just watches me like I’m an interesting bug specimen when I start yelling, “Ouch!  Holy f*ck what did you just do to me?”

Instead of taking it personally,

His nerdy-medical-photographic-memory-type-brain starts taking notes on exactly what it is that ellicits such strong responses from me.


He likes me.  (Or, at least, he pretends to?)

He knows  I’m  my arm is very complex and complicated.

He finds me amusing  for the most part.

Except when I cry on him.

I try not to do that.

Apparently, other people cry on him more because he says I don’t do it “very much at all.”

Even when I cry, he seems to be able to humor me out of my tears.

I suppose that’s why he’s so good at his job?

Although, I do think I puzzle him a little bit.

Sometimes he shakes his head and mutters things like, “It”s really amazing the way your brain works.”

I’m sure that’s a compliment????

In any case,  I bet ?  he appreciates having  me  my arm as a career challenge.

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