The Heat Continues – The Air Conditioning Does Not

I feel like I should be photographing the heat,

However, it’s simply too hot.

I can think of all sorts of creative ways to capture it via a camera, but ….

It’s an effort to move, let alone haul around camera gear.


I am forcing myself to do a few errands just so I can step into the air conditioning of stores.

I’m also taking a few showers each day in an attempt to stay cool.

(It’s too hot to be outside in the pool.)

When I’m home, I’m naked.

No make-up either … it would melt.

I suppose, if I’m not going to wear clothes I should at least put on make-up?


I’m not cooking either.

There’s nothing wrong with living on ice cream sandwiches for a few days, right?

The hotter it gets the slower the world turns.

Holy crap – it’s hot.

Supposedly the worst is over and temps will lower to the 90’s today?

(Please keep your fingers crossed – the parts for my broken a/c will hopefully arrive today!)

8 Responses to “The Heat Continues – The Air Conditioning Does Not”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    OMG – you must be miserable, poor thing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the parts for your AC turn up TODAY.

    • Suzanne

      They did! Yay!
      I am so much happier now!

  2. gina

    my fingers and toes are crossed for you.

  3. stacy g

    If you want to throw clothes on you are welcome to come hang out at our house. The A/C is blowing.

    • Suzanne

      Ahhh … now THAT would have been a good idea.
      Luckily, it is now repaired.
      I may never turn it off … I am SO happy to have cool air!


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