The Orange County Fair – Again

Do you have a county fair?

Of course, in Orange County they “do it big” at fair time.

(It’s my understanding out-of-state fair executives come visit The OC to learn Fair-Tricks?)

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So far, this fair-season, I’ve been to our fair three times.

The first time was to attend the Colbie Caillat concert at the Pacific Amphitheatre (which is a concert venue inside the fairgrounds).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any extra time to visit the “real” fair that night.

The second time was to attend the fair’s Bull Riding Event (or to stare at hot cowboys?)

The Bull Riding Event was held inside the fair’s sport’s arena.

Miss Kay and I walked around the “real” fair for a short time prior to the event, but we didn’t have our cameras.

If I don’t have my camera with me, “it” didn’t really happen.

Last Saturday evening, Briefcase, PR, and I went to the fair to actually go to the fair.

(OK, so maybe *I* went to take photos, but whatever.)

My post-car-accident body doesn’t seem to like fast, shake-your-body-till-your-teeth-chatter rides.

I did, however, go on the giant ferris wheel.

I love ferris wheels – even though I’m afraid of heights.

PR loves the most extreme rides he can find.  I took photos while he got shaken this way, and that way, and upside down, and sideways.

I always enjoy seeing all the animals, too, especially the cute newborn animals.

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Sigh – I love photographing fairs.

There are so many cool photos just waiting to be taken when you visit a fair.

For instance,

Can you imagine what happens when clear skies meet a rush of inbound coastal fog, and at the very same time the sun is setting?

Pure magic!!

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4 Responses to “The Orange County Fair – Again”

  1. Denise

    Our Mid-State Fair just closed last night. I’ve seen some great concerts there in past years, but we didn’t attend at all this year. Glad you had fun!

    • Suzanne

      I don’t make it every year, but I’ve been wanting to get some good fair shots for months now!
      : )


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