Three Weeks Until College

I’m freaking out!

Three weeks from now I’ll be in Texas saying good-bye to my *baby.*


Well, tonight, I’ll be breaking in my cowboy boots while attending a rodeo event at the OC Fair.

(The cowboy boots I *had* to buy so I could wear them when I go to Texas over the next four years to visit my son.)

Have I mentioned how excited I am to have cowboy boots?

Yesterday was a marathon shopping day.

My son and I began by purchasing dorm-related stuff.

We bought exciting things like a desk lamp and clothes hangers.


Don’t you love spending money on things like that?

After we knocked out a lot of dorm related purchases,

We went on to do some male clothes shopping.

Those of you who know me, know I hate shopping.

I live in sweats and yoga pants because I won’t even shop for myself.

I’m missing so many girly genes!

(However, for some reason, I do like buying pretty bras and a zillion handbags.  Maybe because I can buy them online without trying anything on?)

Shopping for “male” things is exceptionally painful for me because I really know nothing about men’s clothing.

That is, perhaps, why my son has/had almost no clothes which fit him.

He hates shopping as much as I do –

Unlike his older brother who strives to be a walking GQ ad.

(How could I have given birth to two boys who are so completely different?)

Anyway, we picked up a few pairs of shorts, and a couple shirts.

I still need to get my son jeans, a pair of khakis (for frat activities), ties (also for frat stuff), and a few other things.

Also, I keep forgetting, he’ll also need things for cold weather.

Like … a jacket and an umbrella.

It would have been SO much cheaper if he was going to a California college.

I don’t think there are any jackets even in the stores here this time of year?

(Of course, there are stores in Texas, right?  But, he won’t have a car to get to them.)

Along with making all these purchases,

We also need to box up everything and get it shipped off to his college so his belongings will be there when we arrive.

It’s a lot of time, work, and money to get a kid off to college – especially when they’re moving out of state, far, far, away.

I’m trying to focus on:

1)  All the details I need to take care of to get him off to school in three weeks, and,

2)  The fact I’ll have a more flexible schedule to do some big projects once I’m officially an empty-nester.

But …

Did I mention my youngest is leaving in three weeks to go far, far, away?


3 Responses to “Three Weeks Until College”

  1. Amy

    I wouldn’t worry too much about a jacket. I live in Dallas (but grew up in Ohio where cold is a real thing) and it hardly ever gets cold enough to need more then a fleece jacket. I’m preparing to get my daughter moved into Ohio State in a month, I feel your mom pain!

    Oh, and if you like to buy pretty bras but hate going to the store, try it’s my new obsession.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Thank goodness The Young One, who leaves in five weeks for Kent State, will only be 30 minutes away; I don’t think I could stand to send him far, far away. Having said that, my wallet is having sympathy pains with yours – he may be close, but the expenses are all still there.

    I’m the opposite of Amy – grew up in Dallas and now live in Ohio. If PR isn’t used to the cold, and he’s not, he will need a jacket, at least for the month of January (and possibly February – he’ll for sure need an umbrella for that month). I don’t know that he’ll need a parka or anything, but maybe a little heavier than fleece.

  3. Kathy

    I read (somewhere!) that all college dorm beds suck and its really hard to find a Twin XL mattress pad. So maybe add one more thing to the shopping list? Sorry 🙂


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