Capture Camera Clip V2

I’ve been wanting to tell you about a cool new gadget called Capture Camera Clip (now available in Version 2).

I first saw a photographer using one of these amazing clips when I went to Arizona last February.

I was instantly curious, because  (in case you don’t know!)  I have very serious arm issues.

(Also?  He was a very attractive photographer.  How could I not be curious about his “equipment?”)

The Capture Camera Clip allowed Hawt Photographer to carry his camera, seemingly, effortlessly.

I started to inquire about his “magic clip,” but  Thomas Hawk  someone pulled me away  to have a drink  and I never got the most important details.


Who made Hot Photographer’s magic clip?

Would it  make magic work for me?

Was it available for sale or still being test marketed?

I was, therefore, delighted when I met the team from Peak Design a few months later in San Diego.

“Magic Clip!” I shrieked when I saw what their poor sales guy held in his hands.

He blinked at me in astonishment.

Once he got over the fact I was pointing and squealing at him, he smiled.

He listened to me prattle on about magic clips, damaged arms, and the struggles I have participating in this profession I love.

I monopolized the Peak Design team for quite some time.

I really like these people.

I really like what they’re doing.

I also love the fact they’re helping people (like me) along the way.

And no, this isn’t something “just” for professional photographers.

If you’ve got a camera, it’s a gadget worth taking a look at.

Recently, Peak Design announced pre-orders are open for a new, better, improved, version of their “magic clip.”

It’s called Capture Camera Clip V2.

I should be receiving mine (to test and review) this week.

I’ll let you know what I think of it.

I loved version one so I expect all sorts of fantastic-ness with V2.

The Kickstarter video on “the magic clip” is linked above, or you can click here to view it.

These are nice people, with a good product.

I truly believe in what they’re doing –

I can’t wait to try out V2.

P.S.  If you order product from Peak Design via their website, you can use coupon code 24atHeart to get 10% off your order (of $19.99 or more).

6 Responses to “Capture Camera Clip V2”

  1. Denise

    What a great product. I think it would make me a little nervous at first, worried my camera might fall, but I look forward to your evaluation.

    • Suzanne

      I loved version 1 and my camera never fell out!
      : )

  2. Ben

    Looks like it could be really handy Suzanne. I look forward to your comments once you have used it for a little while. Doing Half Dome soon, this could solve my fear of having the camera swinging around and hitting boulders as I climb.

    • Suzanne

      Yes it could!
      I hate when I come back from shooting all bruised up from my camera swinging into me and hitting me. (It has happened way more often than you would think!)

  3. Jane

    I love this idea, but I generally don’t wear belts or carry backpacks, etc. when I’m shooting. I’m an amateur vacation-type photographer and just want my camera with me at all times, but not hanging around my freaking neck. I look forward to your reviews of this product. Sounds pretty awesome.


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