Fodder For Friday

I had hoped to get a post up today about my recent visit to North Carolina –

But, I just didn’t get enough time to go through my NC photos, etc.

(I’m still playing catch-up from my week of travel.)

Instead, it’s a “little bit of everything” type day …

•  Today I’m getting my girly-parts worked on.  It’s something I’m not looking forward to.  I think it will probably be a take it easy type weekend.

•  Yesterday, Baby Face took great pleasure in torturing me as usual.  He seems to think I’m funny.  (I seem to think he’s evil.)

•  I read The Son by Philipp Meyer while traveling to and from Texas.  (The novel is based in Texas – very appropriate.)  It was excellent.  I highly recommend it if you enjoy historical fiction.

•  Do you have any good book recommendations?  I get my best reading done when I’m sitting around airports and/or flying.

•  My “second” FitBit Zip has broken … for no apparent reason.  I’ve loved my two FitBit Zips, but I’m going to be looking into alternatives.  I just can’t see buying a third one when two have failed on me in less than a year.

•  Surprise, surprise … Paul Newman thinks I need to increase the time I spend with him.  (Temporarily – until I get over this travel-related “episode” I’m having.)

•  Do you like to make lists?  I’m definitely a list maker.  I have all sorts of good things coming up for you.  (I know – because I can see them on my to-do lists.)

•  It really bothers me WordPress no longer has spell check.  Please forgive me for my un-caught typos.  Does anybody know of a good spell check plug-in?

•  Hopefully, after this weekend, I’ll be caught up on life and back into a normal routine.

•  On the other hand, I have no idea what a normal routine IS, so maybe not.

What are your plans for the weekend?

2 Responses to “Fodder For Friday”

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>I love my FitBit and haven’t had any problems except knocking it out of the carrier with my seatbelt.

    I just read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell in the last two days. It’s just a very realistic story about two awkward teenagers who care for each other. Easy and quick read.

    We’re heading a short 90 minutes to the Outer Banks. I hope the rain holds off for us.


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