Life in August

I’ve (mainly) been hibernating the last few days.

I do that sometimes.

I guess it’s my way of recharging my batteries.

It has been a very fast-paced, whirlwind, six months.

I think I needed a few days of hibernating.

This morning I’m hanging out (for longer than normal) with Paul Newman.

I’m pretty sure he’s beside himself missing me. (!!)

This afternoon Miss Kay and I are headed up to L.A. to meet with a client.

In other news ….

•  My house will soon be tented for termite fumigation.  I can’t tell you how thrilled it makes me ….

•  Termites are a big problem/issue in Southern California – and, apparently, it’s “swarming season.”

•  If any of you care to share with me your termite fumigation experiences, I’d love to hear them.

•  Like, how big of a pain in the ass is it?  (And yes, I do know how expensive it is!)

•  I guess I’ll take a mini road trip while the house is tented.•  By the way, ever since I found out, I keep imagining termite wings fluttering everywhere I go.  It isn’t pleasant being me.

•  Speaking of road trips, my son took my rolling (carry-on) suitcase with him to college.  It probably sounds like a minor thing, but I looked long and hard to find luggage compatible with my bum arm.  Yesterday, I replaced my stolen old luggage with a Travelpro 21″ Crew 9 carry-on bag.  The true test will come on my next (termite-inspired) trip, but it sure seems like an upgrade to what I had before.  Seven years post-accident, I’m all about whatever makes life easier.

•  Actual text I sent Miss Kay yesterday:  My entire day is revolving around what time the UPS man will deliver the wine.

•  I’m pretty sure it makes me a 12 year old girl, but I can’t help following the song-lyric-wars between Taylor Swift and John Mayer.  (OMG … I can’t believe I publicly admitted to that!  I’ve just humiliated myself on my own blog!)

•  We’ve had funky weather this week.  Monsoon heat and clouds with coastal fog.  It’s very strange …. but, sometimes, weird weather produces some really beautiful images!

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2 Responses to “Life in August”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I’m pleased to report we’ve never had our house tented and fumigated. In fact, I was bemused by the concept when watching the latest season of Breaking Bad, but Beloved assures me it’s quite a common sight in the southwest and southern California.

    We’re having unusual weather too – I wish it would warm up enough for my darn tomatoes to ripen!!

  2. Suzanne

    It is very common here.
    I think there have been 4 other houses in our neighborhood just in the last couple months.
    The whole thing is rather creepy though!


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