Margaritas For Breakfast?

I met with a friend for breakfast yesterday.

He’s an amazing, professional, artist.

His art makes my brain hurt – in a good way.

How can he DO what he does?

Where does talent like that come from?

His name is Charles Logan.

Charles Logan © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I took this photo of my friend, Charles Logan yesterday.

We were both running late for our get together.

Breakfast ended up being lunch …

Which, of course, made cocktails perfectly acceptable.

There was a lot of serious discussion about art and photography.

Charles and I laugh a lot when we have serious discussions.

I might have drawn a cartoon bunny on a napkin in an attempt to persuade Charles I am multi-talented.

He, very nicely, did not laugh in my face.

We watched dolphins playing within eye view of our table.

It was an exceptionally beautiful day in Laguna.

Of course, we needed to do a little shooting after we left the restaurant.

Charles is an amateur photographer.

He prefers to shoot with film.

Specifically, he uses a vintage Argus camera.

Argus © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Vintage Argus camera and case.

Isn’t it a cool looking camera?

It was made a long time before I was born (and that’s really saying something!)

Eventually we found ourselves down on the beach.

Isn’t it funny how that happens whenever I’m with anyone?

Lifeguard – Laguna Beach

I tried not to bother the lifeguard too much.

(I was really tempted to climb up the lifeguard’s tower and I might have even tried but I had a hard time climbing with one arm decided not to.)

Wow, the above sentence could have inappropriate double meanings, if you’re the type of person who has a dirty mind.

It must take a lot of patience to be a lifeguard when I visit your beach.

P.S.  As it turned out, Charles had an “extra” Argus camera in his car.  Before we parted, he surprised me by giving it to me as a gift.  I can’t wait to get some black and white film and start playing with it!

P.P.S.  This weekend my daughter is coming to visit so she can say good-bye to her little brother.  (I can’t even think about it without crying!)

2 Responses to “Margaritas For Breakfast?”

  1. Erica

    I may be wrong, but I think his drawings reflect what’s going on internally, like raising your face to the sun with your eyes closed, or being still enough to think you can see what happens when your heart beats and your synapses fire.

    To me, Suzanne, your art brings in the external and his brings out the internal. Humans need both kinds, but I can see why brains might hurt.

    You are both pretty people. I find that interesting.

    • Suzanne


      I have never thought of myself as one of the pretty people, but thank you.

      Charles has an amazing perspective.
      I love his work and I’m happy you seem to enjoy it too.


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