Monday, Monday …

I had a very nice weekend with my daughter visiting.

We had beautiful weather, and lots of nice family time.

I’m glad she got to spend time with her baby brother before he departs for college.

When they said their good-byes, I left the room.

I couldn’t watch.

Not that I’m emotional about having my baby son move out of state, or anything ….


The next two weeks are going to be pretty chaotic.

Right now, I’m in the midst of helping my son pack up his belongings for his move to Texas.

We’ve made “piles” on the floor of this and that.

I’m packing a few of my own things, too, since I’ll be flying back with him to help him move into his dorm.

In addition to everything I have going on, personally,

Paul Newman and I having conflicting travel schedules this month.

My PT visits will be few and far between.

I hate to admit to being dependent on *any* man,

But, Paul Newman unkinks my kinkiness and keeps my pain levels in check.

It’s a bad deal when I miss evenĀ one appointment – which I already have.

(Today is the one week point since I’ve had PT, and my arm is already protesting.)

The next few weeks will be a challenge.

Traveling is always a bad deal pain-wise … luggage, camera gear, etc.

Anyway, I hope you’ll bear with me.

This entire summer has involved a lot of big, emotional, transitions.

Becoming an “empty-nester” is, perhaps, the biggest one of all.

If I can just get through the next week, right?

4 Responses to “Monday, Monday …”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Yeah…not sure how I’m going to handle the whole “empty nest” thing either.

    Dare I admit I snickered at “Paul Newman unkinks my kinkiness”?

    Yes, I know. I’m bad.

    • Suzanne

      Don’t feel bad –
      I snickered when I wrote it, too.
      Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little comic relief when we’re in the process of sending our babies off into the world.
      : )

    • Suzanne

      I’m sure I will.
      I can’t wait to spend more time there!
      : )


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