My Favorite Thing About Texas

I couldn’t get over the *big* sky, and the clouds, and the sunsets, and everything-sky-related when I visited Texas.

My son, PR, is going through Texas-awe also.

I keep getting excited text messages from him saying,

It’s raining in Texas!!!

And/or iPhone photos of the clouds.

And/or messages about the amazing sunset(s) he’s witnessing.

It’s a whole new world for him.

When I visited, of course, I was busy doing get-son-off-to-college things.

I wasn’t there for photography purposes.

And yet,

You know, wherever I am, I can’t resist capturing beauty with my lens.

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There’s an awful lot of sky-related wonderful-ness going on in Texas.

It really is awe inspiring.

If I lived there, I think I’d have to find a mobile air conditioner (is there such a thing?) so I could be outside shooting every day.

I know, on my next trip, I *have to* schedule a block of time just for shooting the Texas sky.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

P.S.  The above photo is titled Mixed Emotions.


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