Ready, Set …. Texas!

Dear Texas,

Are you ready for me to come visit?

I understand you’re hanging at about 104F/40C this week?

I guess that’s your way of welcoming  Californians  outsiders.

I can’t think of better weather to be lifting and carrying boxes in all day.

I’m particularly excited about the flights of stairs I’ll be going up and down (over and over again) in the heat.

My son is very excited to become a Texan, and I can’t say I blame him.

After all, who wouldn’t want to go to college?

I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Granted, back when the dinosaurs roamed I went to college on the beach in Santa Barbara –

But, college is college.

I bought cowboy boots *just* for you, Texas, but now I’m wondering if people really wear them when it’s so  #%*$  hot?

Maybe I should save them for when the weather cools down?

Does the weather ever cool down, Texas?

And if so, when?

In the meantime,

I’m having a Texas cowboy boots vs. Orange County flip flops packing dilemma.

I would never think of misleading you, Texas.

I want to give you realistic expectations about our relationship upfront.

I’m going to visit North Carolina for a couple days after I see you.

Don’t worry, I’m planning on leaving her to come back and see you again.

I have a bad habit of cramming way too much into the trips I take.

Next week, I’ll be leaving both of you to return home to Orange County.

I, apparently, like to torture myself with the inconveniences of air travel and incompatible time zones.

I expect we’ll have a long relationship together, Texas.

(After all, we first met when I was only eight years old!)

But still,

I need to make something perfectly clear …

California will always be home.

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P.S.  To my wonderful readers –  I’ll be attempting “as I travel” updates over the next few days.

P.P.S.  I was very disappointed *not* to receive my Sony RX1R from B&H prior to my departure.  (It was supposed to ship on July 31st.  As a result, I’ve got heavy gear with me.  Ouch!)

P.P.P.S.  I’m very happy to report I’ve made a lot of progress on my photo site.  I’ll be tweaking things a little more when I return, but look how good it’s shaping up!  Yay!

13 Responses to “Ready, Set …. Texas!”

    • Suzanne

      Do you promise?
      It was 100F last November when I was in Austin …!
      : )

  1. gmd

    Your posts are one the first things I check each morning. LOVE your photography and LOVE your sense of humor:)

    Have never lived in Texas (never wanted to, either), so no advice on the state.

    Thank goodness for unlimited calling plans and Al Gore’s internet! (Maybe Gore invented cell phones, as well. Haven’t seen that on his resume, though.)

    Empty nest….well, your home will probably be really quiet. However, you will have lots less laundry, no school activities to attend, a more flexible schedule, and easy meal prep.

    And….it will make you proud of those roots and wings you provided to your children. It’s fabulous to watch them soar!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yes, I will enjoy the flexibility even if I cry as he leaves.
      Time passes whether we want it to or not!

  2. LindaP

    Does Paul Newman know you will be lifting/carrying boxes??? I know you (a little). Don’t over due, okay? Have fun, be careful, safe travels.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Paul Newman is happily vacationing and (I’m quite sure) not worrying about me at all.
      I will have college boys available to help with the heavy lifting.
      You’re right, I do tend to overdo things.
      I am *trying* to be as careful as possible – but traveling is almost always a no-win situation for me.

  3. Sandra

    It snows in TX so the boots will come in handy then!
    That above photo is by far my FAVORITE of all yours so far. LOVE.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you – I like it too.
      I was told it gets into the low thirties in the winter, so I’m sure I’ll need the boots sooner or later.
      : )

      • Amy

        You will fit right in down here in flip-flops, I rarely wear anything else in the summer.

        As far as low thirties in the winter? That might happen once or twice over the winter, but for the most part the lows will be in the 50’s. That being said, when you’re used to 80-90’s most of the time, it feels cold when it’s 70.

        • Suzanne

          I’d be happy if it would just get into the 90’s right now!
          : )

  4. Jane

    Take the flip flops! Leave the boots for Dec- Jan. I was in NC and Maryland for the past two months and OMG…the heat and humidity almost did me in. 100F and 85% humidity. And it rained and rained and rained. My brother lives in Asheville and his driveway was flooded three times. Anyway, I digress but TX is HOT. Flip flops, sandals, t-shirts and tanks. Good luck and buy a case of Kleenex!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I’ve heard Asheville is beautiful but I haven’t been there yet.
      I think I’m in for a very hot trip!

  5. Karen in S.E. Texas

    The weather here in Texas depends on where in Texas you are. Here in Southeast Texas, we are lucking if we have 2-4 episodes of below freezing (32 degrees) weather a winter. Basically if you come here and it’s below 90, it’s a good day LOL.

    Wear the flip flops and cool comfortable clothes. Many people wear their boots for special occassions and during the winter. However in the more rural parts of Texas, you will see more boots despite the weather … working boots.


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