The Celebrity Parent

I’m so sick of it, I have no words.

Of course, I always try to provide words even when I don’t have them.

Providing words (and photographs) is my job, after all.

So, today I’m going to speak my personal, judgmental, opinion.

I live in Southern California, so perhaps I see more of it than most people.

But really?

Why, oh why, would any sane parent want their child in “the business?”

We all think our kids are “truly special people” and THEY ARE.

(It’s a fact – there are no other kids in the world who can put worry lines on my face like my own.)

But, why does the celebrity parent *need* to have their child’s specialness validated by the mass public?

The pushy, “live vicariously through my kid,” parent is a growing societal problem.

It’s those parents who create the Miley Cyrus’s of this world.

(Her parents should have taught her to keep her foam finger in the privacy of her own house.)

I realize money is a factor …

Greedy parents want access to the money their kids make.

Celebrity kids get unfathomable amounts of money –

Amounts of money forty year old adults would have trouble being responsible with.

(Let’s face it, The OC has a lot of adults who can’t be responsible with even more moderate levels of affluence.)

Our society seems to be full of parents who are overly invested in their children’s lives.

Does a child who is pushed into a public, celebrity, lifestyle have a chance of growing up halfway normal?

Does any child with an over-invested, live vicariously through them, parent have a chance of being grounded?

(You know who you are sports parents, music parents, beauty pageant parents, etc., etc.)

I think not.

Oh sure, if you dig deep enough you might find an aberration once in awhile.


A “normal” celebrity kid is the exception.

What is wrong with parents?

Why do ANY of them think fame and ungodly amounts of money are healthy for a child or teen?

Yes, at some point famous “kids” do become adults who are, technically, responsible for their own actions.

Can we blame them for being train wrecks?

Did they ever have a chance?

What do you think about parents who seek fame and fortune for their kids?

P.S. ¬†I know this entire post probably makes me sound like I’m 100 years old. ¬†However, I’ve had the exact same opinion on this subject since I was a teenager myself.

4 Responses to “The Celebrity Parent”

  1. Diane

    I wrote a comment on FB stating how horrible I thought the Miley appearance on the VMA’s was and had someone on my Friend list tell me that I should be more concerned with third world issues than with this first world issue… REALLY? So it’s okay in his mind to have our children tainted? His view disgusted me. But he’s an attorney so what the hell does he know?

    I hope the FAILED Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife have a lovely retirement spending all of their screwed up daughter’s millions… or not, since it’s my opinion that she is headed down the wrong path and will be a washed up has been performer before long.

    Serves them all right!

  2. Julie in Michigan

    So sick of hearing/seeing all that crap on a daily basis. The parents need to grow the H up and teach these kids the right way!

  3. sandi

    I just miss you like crazy cakes!! Please text me so we can catch up!


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