Update: Capture Camera Clip V2

Two weeks ago, I told you about Capture Camera Clip V2.

It’s a very cool “gadget” which allows you to carry your camera safely without a strap.

When I wrote about it, I had used (and loved) version 1 of the clip, but not the new V2.

(My V2 was in the mail on its way to me – and I was on my way to Texas and North Carolina.  It would have been fantastic to have used the new clip for that trip!)

Several of you asked me to update you with my thoughts once I tried the new, improved, version of Capture Camera Clip.

I’m going to be honest, and tell you the truth.

I really (really, really!!) love it.

I do.

A great idea, and a very good product, just got a lot better – and it’s very easy to use.

I’m a huge fan.

I wanted to post photos for you of me using the clip “in action.”

Unfortunately, I’m not able to take one-armed photos of myself very easily.

(I meant to have Miss Kay take a few shots of me with it yesterday,

But we ended up having a very long day in L.A. with a client.)

I’ve decided (for me), I prefer to use the clip to hold my Canon 5D Mark III.

It’s the heavier of my two cameras and the clip allows me to get the weight off my neck and shoulders.

My lighter Sony RX1R (which I’m taking with me everywhere as my second camera … replacing my Canon 7D) is less of a burden around my neck.

Come to think of it, maybe I should get another Capture Camera Clip V2 just for the Sony?

I know some of you will be curious what I clip my Capture Camera Clip to ….

And, it varies.

I have clipped it to the side strap of my photography backpack (which has my lenses in it).

I place it low on the strap so the camera is close to waist level.

I use my backpack when I’m hiking and/or shooting on the beach.

I have clipped it to my photography shoulder bag – which is my *not hiking* bag.

I use the shoulder bag when I’m covering events and/or shooting more urban settings.

The Capture Camera Clip works great on both of my “most used” photography bags.

And yes, I even clipped my Sony to a small crossbody purse strap.

I also have a photography belt and the clip is perfect for use on belts.

I haven’t (yet) used it with my GoPro, but I will – it will be perfect!

The Capture Camera Clip V2 is very secure.

However, for those of you want extra protection – leashes and cuffs are also available.

(I purchased both initially.  I was worried I might drop the camera once I took it off the clip.  Now that I’ve used the clip a lot, I realize how comfortable I am with it and I rarely use them.)

My regular readers know I don’t endorse products I don’t believe in.

This is something I really believe in.

I also think this is a small company worth watching …

Peak Design is thinking outside the box, and I love it.

The photography industry needs more people like them.

Photographers with physical challenges (like my one-armed self) need innovative companies like Peak Design to keep innovating.

I have three photography-related trips scheduled in the next few weeks.  I’ll be using my V2 (quite happily!) on all three trips.

You can watch a video about Capture Camera Clip V2 and their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

You can check out the company’s website by clicking here.

If you use coupon code 24atHeart to order product via their website, you will receive a 10% discount on your order of $19.99 or more.

4 Responses to “Update: Capture Camera Clip V2”

  1. ShaBean

    Ah man, I already popped over to kickstarter to check it out after your first post; was quite wowed and already ordered!! Before the coupon! LOL!!! I can’t WAIT till it gets here. I actually have a Spider clip but it’s only a belt. I can’t clip it anywhere else and I just know I’m gonna knock my camera when I sit with it… So this would be way better!

  2. Ramesh

    Guys i am a “$185 or more” backer, they delivered only leash and cuff with naked edition of camera clip, now they are saying they have delivered everything, please be wary of these guys, they are yet to deliver Propad and Gopro mount, i lost trust in these guys, please be aware of this bad business practice, you cannot trust these guys anymore


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