Updates! Updates!

I have all sorts of unrelated “stuff” going on right now.

You know what that means?

A list of randomness to keep you on your toes ….

•  Can you believe it’s August 1st?  I have less than a week left with my son before he heads off for college.  Waaaah!

•  There’s a lot of son-leaving-for-college things to do before he departs.  I suppose having a lot to do is a good thing, because it gives me less time to think about the fact he’s leaving.   Aaack!

•  I’ve made some minor changes to the navigation bar at the top of Twenty Four At Heart.  The Photography tab now leads to … (believe it or not!!)  my photography!

•  I’ve really enjoyed confusing all of you with my blog navigations tabs, but I figure you might be ready for tabs that make sense?

•  There’s now a Gear navigation tab at the top of the blog for those of you who are interested in checking out what I shoot with.  (Sadly, my Gear page has not been updated for awhile – but I promise it will be soon.)

•  Photography-related posts are going to be published (once in awhile) on the “main” blog instead of on a separate page.  I haven’t had time to run a separate page/blog on a regular basis.  I’m going back to my old way of doing things.  You’ll find a little of everything in my daily posts … and sometimes the topic will be related to photography.  For many of you, that’s welcome news.  If you’re not interested in photography, just skip those occasional posts.

•  I will be updating and tweaking a few other blog-related items over the next 2-3 weeks also.  If you come across something that doesn’t work, please let me know.  Chances are it’s one of the items I already know about but haven’t had time to get to yet.  (Just in case I don’t know about it, please let me know.)

•  My photos can now be found on SuzanneHaggerty.org.  Too many people were searching for me under  (surprise!)  my real name.  Many of them have never heard of Twenty Four At Heart.  You can find my photos easily by clicking the photography link at the top of this blog, but now non-readers can find my work more easily.

•  The look and organization of my photo galleries/site still needs a lot of work.  And trust me, I’m working on the photo site.  Even partially-done, however, I’m already pleased with the direction things are taking.  Check it out if you have time, but please understand I still have a lot of work to do on the new site.  (Most of the tabs and pages are not working yet, but my photos have been moved and can be viewed and/or purchased.)

•  I was honored to have my photography highlighted in Trey Ratcliff’s recent broadcast.  (It’s a long broadcast, so if you aren’t interested in the entire show you can skip to the 2:22:52 mark.)  Earlier in the broadcast (2:02:20), Thomas Hawk also talks about shooting with me on his recent visit to Orange County.  He and I always have so much fun shooting together.  It isn’t the first time I’ve been mentioned on Trey’s show, but it’s always a huge (!) honor.  It was very flattering to hear this recent broadcast.  Thank you to Trey, Thomas Hawk, and Gino Barasa for giving my work exposure via such a big platform.  Honestly, I’m so lucky to work in a creative world with such NICE, inspiring, photographers.  I love what I do!

•  I spent last Sunday up in L.A., at The Third Street Promenade, with my daughter.  I love the Promenade.  I think I’ll make a trip there again in the fall.  I’d love to spend an entire day just hanging out at the Promenade with my camera.  The people-watching can’t be beat.

•  On a(nother) completely unrelated note, isn’t this police dog adorable?  I met him at the fair last week and I love him.

Police Bloodhound OC Sheriff © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Police dog busy at work?

He kept nodding off on the job.

Sometimes, it’s a lot of work to stay awake.

One of my neighbors has two bloodhounds.

I think it must be impossible not to play with their ears all the time.

Not to mention jiggling their jowls …!

Sheesh –

I sure hope no one’s tempted to jiggle MY jowls!

6 Responses to “Updates! Updates!”

  1. Missy

    It’s hard to believe that this puppy is a police dog. I always think of German Shepards standing at attention ready to pounce on you!

    • Suzanne

      Bloodhounds are the best trackers.
      They have long, funny, ears!
      : )

  2. Diane

    What a totally adorable dog! Those hounds have the best noses for sniffing out scents.

  3. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Thank goodness I’ve got three more weeks until D (Dorm) Day. I could NOT finish everything we need to do in less than one.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t think we’re going to finish.
      I really don’t.
      It’s a big job to move a kid halfway across the country.
      I imagine I’ll be sending many boxes of his stuff to him in weeks to come.


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