He’s Going In!

I was so lucky to capture this moment in time …..

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The male hummingbird is headed, in flight, towards my camera.

His girlfriend (maybe his wife?) looks on from the security of my magnolia tree.

It may be the first time I’ve ever wanted to hug a bird.

He looks adorable, doesn’t he?

6 Responses to “He’s Going In!”

  1. Michelle

    You know, I don’t think you ever have a camera out of your hand. You seem to (beautifully) capture all the moments of the day. I like that. (Paul Newman may not 😉 )

    • Suzanne

      : )

      I don’t ALWAYS have a camera in my hand.
      I frequently do, though.

  2. Denise

    They are so dang cute. I hung a feeder last week and have only seen one, briefly, stop for a drink. I wonder if I’m not such a good “cook” by hummingbird standards?

  3. Suzanne

    It takes them awhile (usually) to find a feeder.
    Also, the majority of hummingbirds migrate south and are most abundant in late spring and summer. Where I live, we do have some stay year round, but I don’t know how far north that is the case.


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