Let’s Get Caught Up

I hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend.

My daughter was visiting for a good chunk of the weekend.

In addition to visiting with her, I spent a lot of time putting my house back together post-fumigation.  (My pantry has never been so clean and organized!)  I still have more work to do, but I’ve made a lot of post-fumigation progress.

•  I’ve mentioned how much I love my Vitamix blender several times.  Some Vitamix models have been found to have a flaw with their blade system.  If you own a Vitamix you can get information regarding the recall by clicking here.  I’ve heard Vitamix is taking stellar care of those customers who have been affected.

•  Speaking of excellence …..   I sent Paul Newman a text saying, “Knock, knock?” while making a stop for gas on my return trip from Santa Barbara last Friday.  His return text said, “2:30?”  Sigh.  I love that man.  (In, of course, a very platonic way.)  The timing was perfect with my drive down the coast.  I might have shown up at 2:30 with a bottle of wine.  I felt so much better after he un-kinked me.  I realize a lot of what I just wrote sounds very wrong, but trust me – it’s all good.

•  Flickr selected one of my photos for their “explore” page where they feature “top” photographs.  I’m going to be honest and admit I don’t understand exactly how or why my photo was selected.  I do know, however, my photo got a tremendous amount of exposure as a result.  “Which photo?” you’re probably asking.  It’s a photo I took Saturday evening as the sun set.  It’s titled Heart In My Hands.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

It was a beautiful night, and I was in a beautiful spot as the sun set.  It really was a wonderful, breathtaking, sight.

•  On a sadder note, all the plants within a few feet of the perimeter of my house have died as a result of the fumigation.  I’m so bummed.

Dead Lemon Tree © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

My dead lemon tree.

It sucks.

The house is due for trim painting in a few weeks.  Once that’s done, I guess I’ll have to deal with replacing the dead landscaping.  Sigh!

•  Can you believe it’s already September??

•  I’m going to post a mini-review of the Sony RX1R on Friday.  (Some of you might remember Photography Fridays?)  Several people have asked me what I think about this new, tiny, revolutionary camera.  I wanted to shoot with it for awhile before I voiced an opinion.  I’ll share my likes, dislikes, and various other opinions on Friday.

•  It’s official, I now own the 24atHeart trademark in addition to the Twenty Four At Heart trademark.  It took a (very!) long time, but it was a necessary process.  (Someone was attempting to sell landscape photos using a version of “my” name, which caused/potentially caused confusion for buyers/customers/clients.)

•  As for the empty-nest transition, I’ve been super busy so it still doesn’t feel real.  I do feel sad after talking to my youngest on the phone though.  I’m fine when I’m actually talking with him, but when we hang up I feel a little sad.  I’ve become accustom to the two older kids living away from home, but having PR away is still new.  But, I’ll be in Texas in just a few weeks for Parent’s Weekend.  I imagine I’ll embarrass PR to death by sobbing all over him again when I see him.

Sheesh … nobody ever tells you how hard it is to be a parent!


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