Wow – it’s hot!

I feel for the poor guys working (outside) at my house this week.

Have I mentioned construction work is LOUD??

It’s hard to even think.

(Or maybe I can’t think because there are sweaty, half dressed, men working right outside my windows?)

I had an appointment near the beach yesterday so I decided to go for a walk after I was done.

Surely, it had to be a lot cooler at the beach.


Hot is hot.

The Wedge © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I don’t love the above photo.

The midday light was too harsh to get a great shot.

Still, I thought I’d share it to give you a feel for where I was.

I was happy to see the beach nearly deserted.

The majority of tourists have left.

I thought back to how cool and foggy it was just last week when I visited Cambria.

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There’s something so calming about a fog-drenched beach.

Grey can bring a quiet beauty few people appreciate.

While I walked in the heat,

I kept imagining I was still on a foggy cool beach.

Then I came home and baked in my too-hot kitchen.

(I had promised to mail a care package to PR.)

If the heat is still scorching over the upcoming weekend,

Maybe I’ll find a quiet air conditioned space and get some photo-editing done.

6 Responses to “Scorching!”

  1. Denise

    I met a couple at San Simeon yesterday who had driven up the coast to escape the LA heat. You baked? I won’t turn on my oven until October when I’m sure it will be cooler. But then, you had a special reason 🙂

    • Suzanne

      I don’t normally turn my oven on when it’s this hot outside, but he pulled at my mom heartstrings!
      : )

    • Suzanne

      I do, Stacy,
      I have the worst oven in the world. It heats up the entire kitchen and family room to an uncomfortable temperature even when the a/c is on. It sucks.

  2. Erica

    “The midday light was too harsh to get a great shot.”

    God really ought to filter the sun at noon during the summer.

    • Suzanne

      Well, that would be nice.
      However, it would be easier (perhaps?) if I just remembered to bring my filters with me!
      : )


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