Angel Island

Last Saturday,

I participated in the Angel Island photowalk Thomas Hawk organized for my San Francisco visit.

I’ve been to the Bay Area numerous times in my life, but I hadn’t (previously) ever set foot on Angel Island.

We took a ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island.

It was a short, fun, ferry ride to the island.

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Once we arrived on the island, we began clicking our shutters and  walking  climbing  endless steep  stairs.

Angel Island Stairs © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I thought, “Well, at least we’re starting off with the hard part of the photowalk right at the beginning.”

Um ….

The steep stairs were the easy part.

Don’t get me wrong –

Angel Island hiking isn’t, for the most part, that difficult.

But, we had a few things going against us last Saturday.

For one thing, it was a very hot day.

Hot days in the Bay Area are very rare.

It was very, very, hot on Angel Island last Saturday.

(A fellow photowalker told me it was 90F, but I’m not sure?)

I hadn’t expected warm temperatures so I was wearing jeans.

Jeans, of course, made me even hotter.

Also, I might have been a little dehydrated from  drinking too much sake the previous night  my flight the prior day.

Hiking in hot weather, with heavy jeans on, while carrying a zillion pounds of photography gear  and a little hungover dehydrated, didn’t make for perfect conditions.

I started off with a water bottle, but I drank most of it on the ferry ride to the island.

That was very foolish of me, wasn’t it?

To be honest, I knew nothing about the hike we would be taking that day.

I should have done some Angel Island research ahead of time.

I definitely should have been wearing cooler clothes and had water with me.

It was, however, an absolutely beautiful, stunning day.

Fog is common in, and around, San Francisco but we had crystal clear views for our hike.

The scenery was breathtaking.

Of course, I stopped constantly to take photos.

We also toured a museum and some of the historic sites on the island.

Then we hiked further and found some abandoned buildings.

There were warning signs outside of the buildings telling us they were unsafe structures.


Me and Thomas taking photos.

The above photo was taken by Larry Nienkark inside an “unsafe structure.”

It makes me laugh.

It perfectly captures what it’s like to shoot with me and Thomas.

I had a great time taking photos in the abandoned buildings.

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It was really fun.

It also provided a nice break from the sun.

After we were done photographing the unsafe buildings, I met a fawn ….

Angel Island Deer © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

It made me wonder how deer got to the island.

They can’t swim.

Who brought deer to Angel Island?

Next, we had a group discussion about the ferry we absolutely couldn’t miss for the trip home.

Various trails were up for debate.  Which trail would be the fastest to get us back to the ferry for our return trip?

Let’s just say everybody picked the right path …

Except for five us who chose a “shortcut.”

Our shortcut consisted of  running  hiking straight up to the highest point of the island.

And then, somehow, we continued to hike “straight up” for eons longer after we got there.

How can an entire island be uphill?

Long story short, we missed our scheduled ferry but we saw some spectacular views.

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There was another, later, ferry so we weren’t stranded on the island.

We were a little late for our dinner commitment, but everything worked out (more than) fine in the end.

Would I recommend you visit Angel Island?


Just plan ahead a little better than I did.

Take plenty of water.

Time your walking/hiking so you don’t have to stress about ferry times.

It’s a beautiful island.

I would love to go back someday and visit again.

6 Responses to “Angel Island”

  1. Amy

    The hike and pictures from it are wonderful!

    I will add that Deer can in fact swim….I almost hit a group of six of them with a ski boat once. Nothing like realizing what you thought were floating logs, were in fact swimming animals….

    • Suzanne

      Ha ha.
      Oh, Jan, the jokes I want to make right now ….!
      : )

      And, thank you re the sailboat photo!

  2. LindaP

    I love ‘Things now one else sees’!!!
    With those teeny tiny feet I don’t know how they do it but yes, deer can swim. Seen it with my own eyes:)

  3. Suzanne

    I have the greatest readers …
    I learn new things all the time.
    I’d love to see a deer swim now that I know they can!


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