Changing Seasons?

It rained here yesterday.

Rain is really a remarkable thing (in October) (in Orange County).

It didn’t rain very much.

And, it didn’t rain for very long.

The sun is back in the sky today.

It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this coming weekend.

But still, the whole rain-thing was very exciting.

Yes, I suppose I’m easily excitable.

It seems like it has been summer forever.

Not that I’m complaining ….

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I took the above photo from the ferry to Angel Island last Saturday.

The gorgeous homes you see in the photo are on the Tiburon Peninsula.

It was spectacularly beautiful.

Still, there’s a small part of me that wishes for scarves, and boots, and fires in the fireplace, and warm drinks and … all sorts of cozy.

I know I’d probably long for the sun if our weather cooled off for more than a couple days.

But, once in awhile it’s fun to imagine living someplace where there are actual seasons.


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