Military Jackets Are IN!

I’m not a shopper.

I don’t like crowds and/or malls and/or anything to do with shopping.

I prefer to be outdoors doing anything but shopping.


I have no fashion sense.

I’m happiest in jeans and/or sweats and/or yoga pants with a t-shirt or tank top.

My shoes consist mainly of flip flops with a few pair of sneakers for hiking and/or cold weather.

Most of the “nice” things I have in my closet have arrived in my life as gifts.

(I’m sure I’m the least expensive woman living in Orange County!)

My daughter, on the other hand, has a great eye for fashion.

She has a girl-gene I’m obviously lacking.

Her ability to pull together a savvy outfit from “nothing” continues to floor me.

When I shop with her, she invariably steers me towards making a couple purchases for myself.

She does this, I think, so I don’t embarrass her by showing up in worn-out yoga pants and a t-shirt every time she’s with me.

Last Saturday, she and I bought matching Madewell military jackets.

Military Jacket

To be honest, I was immediately drawn to this particular jacket for reasons of my own.

I’ve been aware military jackets are “in” for awhile.

I’ve kept the thought of purchasing one on the back burner because it’s still hot here.

Winter doesn’t really arrive in The OC until around February.

Military jackets appeal to me also because they’re a “classic” item.

You can wear for many, many, years to come.

Military green is also one of my “best” colors.

(It brings out the green flecks in my otherwise brown eyes.)

This particular military jacket is very lightweight.  Lightweight is all I ever need living where I do.

Did I mention it was 85F at my house yesterday?

At least a few days each week I wear tank tops to and from the gym and/or physical therapy.

I frequently throw long sleeve button shirts and/or jackets over my  saggy  bare arms as I travel to and from my workouts.

I “live” every-day-casual.

Have I ever mentioned I crawl around on the ground a lot?

Military jackets also have a lot of pockets.

Pockets come in very handy when I’m shooting … I can use them to store filters and cables and lens caps and blah, blah, blah.

It’s rare for me to get enthused about *any* item of clothing, but I’m really happy with my purchase.

Do you have a military jacket from years past?

Or, is it an item you’re considering given all the runway attention they’re receiving this year?

2 Responses to “Military Jackets Are IN!”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I don’t do military-style anything very well, and I don’t wear anything that might be featured on a runway at all. Weight issues aside, I’m too darn short and short-waisted, to say nothing of having boobs and a butt. “Fashionable” clothes all seem to be made for women who are 6 feet tall and have few, if any, curves.

  2. Suzanne

    You’re right … most clothes are designed for tall, model-thin, women.
    I’m curvy and it’s definitely harder to find things I like.
    Most of the time that’s not a problem because I like being in slob clothes.
    But, it is nice to have a few things to slip-into when I need to be presentable.
    Fortunately, I think this jacket works on me.
    : )


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