One Step In Front Of Another

Last Friday when I visited Paul Newman,

I was in pain, cranky, and frustrated.

He said my arm/shoulder/bad body parts were inflamed and swollen.

He told me I should go from his office to see Dr. Painless.

I didn’t have a Dr. Painless appointment and I knew he probably wasn’t even in his office (because most specialists don’t work on Fridays).

As I left Paul Newman’s office, on my way to Dr. Painless’ office, I sent Dr. Painless a text message.

It said something like, “I’m a pain in the ass.  I’m in a flare-up and headed over to your office.  Is there anyone there who could give me an injection?”

Being pure-awesome-ness,

Dr. Painless called his office and told them to give me an injection when I arrived.

Best pain management doc in the world!

The injection did help, but it didn’t get me completely out of the woods.

I’m seeing Dr. Painless (live and in person) this afternoon.

I’ve been in this (angry/inflamed/pissed off body) situation before.

It’s been a long time since my body freaked out for this long.

I know there are options ….

We’ll see.

I hate drugs.

Maybe it will just take some time and a lot of babying of my angry body?

Paul Newman is really good at coaxing  me  my body into calming down.

He’s like the Arm Whisperer or something.

In any case,

I never seem to be as productive as I should be when I’m “lost” in a flare-up.

There was a lot I had hoped to get done over the weekend, but didn’t.

At least, I went for a hike on Saturday.

It’s always good to be out in nature.

For most of my hike, I didn’t see a single other person.

Nature is a nice distraction from real life ….

(And, don’t worry, this pic was taken with my itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, super magical, lightweight, camera.)

The Path Less Traveled

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