The Weekend In Snippets ….

When I returned from my recent trip to San Francisco,

I remember thinking how nice it would be to stay home for the remainder of the calendar year.

As it turns out, I already know of two trips I “have” to take in the next two weeks.

I should know better than to expect calmness by now, shouldn’t I?

I can’t wait to tell you about what I’ll be doing on both trips, but I can’t … quite yet.

In the meantime,

•  My weekend got off to a great start on Friday afternoon when I was notified the city of Newport Beach published an article I wrote for them.

The article provides five beginner tips for improving your sunset photos.  It can be read here.

Newport Beach gets around 52,000 unique visitors a month to their website.

As always, I’m happy to partner with them.

•  Magic Potion (a new prescription topical pain medication) arrived (via Dr. Painless via FedEx) in time for the weekend also.  So far, I like it.  There is no silver bullet for chronic pain.  Living my life means getting what help I can wherever I can get it.  My goal is always to live my life to the fullest with the least amount of pain as possible.  By the way, I don’t know the “real” name of Magic Potion.  I think it’s a new medication being tested right now.  It’s actually a compound (mixture) of six prescription pain medications.  It’s applied like a lotion.  I like the idea that I’m not injesting six prescription pain meds, but instead, just using them on my arm/shoulder/upper-body and neck.

•  Here are a few photos I took when I was out and about this weekend.

Beach fog in Laguna – the sun was trying so hard to burn through the fog when I took this one ….

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

Create Change …. by putting change in painted parking meters.

The sign tells you to “Say No To Panhandlers.”

The money collected in the meter goes to local homeless shelters.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

A nice day for an ice cream …

Click on photo to view larger in 24atHeart gallery.

The above woman was nice enough to indulge me when I asked if I could take a photo of her.

She looked so happy enjoying her ice cream cone.

Sunbathing ….

Click on photo to view larger in 24atHeart gallery.

Did you notice all the shoe choices the sunbather has available to him?

Sometimes it’s just so hard to make a decision ….


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