Whine, Whine, Whine, OW!

Apparently, when your shoulder blade is forcibly removed from your body, jumped up and down on, and then put back on your body,

It puts you in a cranky mood.

Especially if you follow all of that up with some gym time.

Because, why not aggravate all those pissed off nerves a little more?

I got absolutely no sleep on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

Instead, I moaned and groaned and cursed at myself for being an idiot.

Yes, it was ME who said to Paul Newman during PT,

“That really hurt.  Can you do it again?

(Because I thought if it hurt so much to have my shoulder blade detached from my body, I must really NEED it detached again, right?)

And it was ME who then followed it up by trotting off to the gym and attempting to use my bum arm in ways it isn’t capable of being used.

I took more drugs yesterday than I’ve taken in a long time.

In fact, I had three Advils and a prescription pain med with coffee for breakfast.

Yum, yum – what a great start to my day!

I also sent Paul Newman whiney text messages because I *know* he always thinks it’s a joy to hear from me.

Surely he misses me when I don’t send whiney messages to him?

In addition, I attempted to act cheerful while The Most Talkative Carpet Cleaner In The Entire World’s History spent hours upon hours cleaning the disgustingly dirty carpet in my not-very-big house.

(He did a great job, by the way.  It isn’t his fault I didn’t want to be talkative.  How could he have known my body was screaming at me the entire time he was talking?)

Never mind the assorted other “worker” people who were in and out of my house all day.

(Because if I have to stay home for one worker, why not schedule everything on the same day?  And while I’m at it, why not schedule it on a day when I’m in a lot of pain?)

I always know my pain is truly “off the charts” when I feel an overwhelming desire to throw things.

It’s a very strange desire to have when my arm isn’t even capable of throwing things.

OK, I’m done  bitching  venting now.

I’ll be a nicer, better, human being tomorrow.

And if not, then for sure by Saturday.


Here’s a photo of a hot cowboy to make everything seem better ….

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