Anything Could Happen

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I’ll try to get a few photos and/or posts up over the next few days – but, no promises.

I’ve got a full house and I’m cooking like a mad woman.

So far, I’ve made:

•  An enormous lasagna (which will be tonight’s dinner)

•  Two loaves of banana bread (which have probably been devoured by my boys by the time you read this).

•  A lemon bundt cake (tonight’s dessert).

•  Cranberries with cinnamon/cloves/allspice/orange.

•  A breakfast dish involving hash browns/bacon/eggs.

I have so much more cooking to do ….

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


3 Responses to “Anything Could Happen”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    You sound like me – I’m getting most of tomorrow’s meal at least started/assembled so I’m not driving myself crazy tomorrow. Plus, the oven is going to be occupied with this stupidly huge turkey (21 pounds) most of tomorrow.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Try not to stress your shoulder – ask for/accept any and all help – and enjoy your family. Love you bunches!


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