But, But, But …!

I had my cooking/cleaning/entertaining timeline worked out “perfectly” so Thanksgiving (and lots of house guests!) would be relatively easy.


My carefully planned schedule exploded due to Unexpected Timeline Interruptus.

But, that’s okay.

Family and friends arrive this afternoon.

I’m going to visit Paul Newman this morning.

He gets horrible withdrawal symptoms if he goes too long without seeing me.

(Also, my arm is already rebelling from my pre-guest preparations.)

After PT, I’m going to the gym so Baby Face can torture me.

I’m very tempted to cancel on Baby Face because  he’s SO mean  I have so much to do,


I can’t.

I missed last week due to the sore throat from hell.

I have to get a good workout in today.

(Not only that, but I’m afraid what Baby Face will do to me if I don’t show up.)

Speaking of baby faces,

Here’s a photo of me as a baby ….

Suzanne Baby Pic © SHaggerty 2013-1


Something funky was going on with my mom’s bangs?

Apparently that was in style at the time.

Wasn’t my mom pretty?

She still is!

4 Responses to “But, But, But …!”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Suzanne, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your friends and family. It is such a joy to see how many photo trips you have been able to take recently. You still motivate me each and everyday. I am thankful for having found you.

    As for PT experiences, I have befriended my wonderful PT that worked on my shoulder. I asked him to be on the look out for someone to help get me closer to being strong and functional – overall, not just my linger issues. He recently finished up an extended course in dry needling and thru several conversations – he offered to work with me on overall strength, my hip and shoulder problems AND my fibromyalgia issues. woo hoo! Someone that will learn how I work and stick with me through improvement. I’m crossing my fingers and am feeling so blessed for this turn of events. Sigh of relief… thought you could appreciate this story.
    (and can we say eye candy too? – bonus for me) 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Glad to hear you found someone to work with.
      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend also!

  2. Erica

    I love the picture. You’re both very pretty.

    Paul Newman and Baby Face in one day and then guests … I think you should take something for pain tonight, zonk out as much as possible, and see if that makes tomorrow easier. Just because some things are good for you doesn’t mean they feel good right away.

    Have fun with your guests!


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