Details, Details, Details

Next week, I’m going back up to the Bay Area.

I know I’m going, and I haven’t made any of my travel arrangements.


Does it seem like  my  life is time warping at record speed lately?

I think that’s why I had so much fun on my mini-vacation.

I refused to think about anything but enjoying the moment.

And now, real life is laughing at me.

There was some confusion about why I’m going to visit Google next week.

I’m not interviewing for a job with them.

I’m being interviewed/taped/fimed for a project Google is doing on women in photography.

It should be a fun experience.

In other news,

I thought I’d share some tidbits of information about my recent L.A. area trip.

Some of you might be interested ….

•  Last Friday night I had the opportunity to dine at Mercado in Santa Monica.  It’s the second time I’ve been, and I highly recommend it.  In fact, I’ve decided I have a serious crush on Mercado..

•  The Huntley Hotel is in a great location – a block from the Promenade and a block from the beach.  They went out of their way to treat me like a VIP.  My experience there was awesome.

The Penthouse Huntley Hotel Santa Monica © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

The Penthouse – The restaurant on the top floor of The Huntley Hotel

•   Within an hour of arriving in Santa Monica I had an encounter with a celebrity.  Celebrities are not unusual in Orange County, and they certainly aren’t unusual in L.A.  I had my camera with me and I was mistaken for paparazzi.  I’m not going to say who my encounter was with, but it *might* have been someone who shares his name with a marine mammal.  I, of course, made it clear I am *not* paparazzi, and I quite deliberately did not take a photo of him.

•  I perused the kitchen “stuff” at Sur La Table and dreamed of having a bigger kitchen.  Why are kitchen gadgets always so appealing?  (And no, I didn’t buy anything.)  A really nice man was doing an in-store demo of a cappuccino machine and he made me a great cappuccino.

•  I read The Silent Wife.  It was good.  And creepy.  And disturbing.  I highly recommend it for those of you who enjoy fiction.

•  There were naked children playing in the fountains at Tongva Park.  Yes, it was THAT summer-warm.

•  My birthday dinner was at Water Grill which is supposedly the “best” seafood restaurant in Santa Monica.  There was some confusion about our reservation when we arrived.  The reservation confusion was followed by our waitress having a few mishaps.  I don’t know if she was just having a bad night, or if she just isn’t a very good waitress.  It was a little disappointing because of those things, but I’d give the restaurant a second chance.  The food itself, was excellent.  I think, perhaps, we just hit an off night – which can happen at any restaurant.

Steamed Clams © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

Steamed Clams at the Water Grill

•  Sunday breakfast was on the outdoor patio at The Georgian.  Quaint.  Charming.  A view of the beach.  A great spot to enjoy brunch.  Champagne with a touch of cranberry juice ….

•  I spent a long time at the Annenberg Space For Photography.  They currently have an exhibit called The Power of Photography:  National Geographic 125 Years.  The images are stunning.  You definitely do not need to be a photographer, or even have an interest in photography, to be spellbound by the images in this exhibit.  It really is fantastic.

Power of Photography © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

•  I spent an afternoon and evening at El Matador beach in Malibu.  It’s a spectacular beach.  It has been featured in many movies and commercials.  There were a LOT of photographers there.

•  I walked the Promenade several times because the people-watching there is unbeatable.

•  I walked the pier once.  It’s very touristy, but brought back nice childhood memories.

•  I walked through Pacific Palisades Park repeatedly because it’s beautiful and has great people watching.

•  I now need new sneakers … I think I walked mine to their sneaker-death.

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  1. Sandra

    Lately it seems you’re up here as much as your down there. Have fun at Google!
    The sunset photo is stunning.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      It does feel like I’ve been up there a lot.
      I really thought I was done traveling for this calendar year, but ….


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