Discount Code Coming Next Monday!

I’ve received several recent orders for prints which were purchased as holiday gifts.

I want to thank you, as always, for inviting my art to be a part of your life/home/office.

I also applaud you for being way more on top of your holiday shopping than I am.

On Monday, I’ll be releasing a holiday discount code which will be good for the remainder of this calendar year.

I realize art is expensive, particularly when produced as a coveted “metal print.”

I hope, by offering a holiday discount, you can enjoy purchasing a print AND feel merry about it.

If you were planning to place an order this weekend, it’s in your best interest to wait until the discount goes in effect on Monday.

– – – – – – –

In other news,

I’m getting SO excited about everything lately!

I’m excited my kids are all going to be here soon.

I’m excited for Thanksgiving.

I’m excited to see some of my favorite friends in the Bay Area next week.

(And no, I wasn’t expecting to see *anyone* on this upcoming trip.  But, it now looks like I’ll get a little friend-time while I’m there.)

I’m excited to tour the Googleplex.  I’ve been told I can bring my camera with me.

I wonder if they’d let me go down the slide?

(Did you see the movie The Internship?)

I admit, I get a little nervous at the idea of being interviewed.

I’m secretly very shy.

I say “secretly” because I’m not at all (!!) shy when I’m behind my laptop, or my camera, or once I’ve taken a person into my heart.

(Once you become my friend?  I will blah, blah, blah your ear off.  And, I’ll be loyal to our friendship forever and ever.)

But, until I really know someone?

Yep, I’m shy.

Next week I’ll start sharing a few holiday gift ideas in my posts.

It’s always fun to share gift ideas.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Personally, I’ll be working a good part of the weekend but that’s okay.

I love what I do!


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