Five Things I Like: Gift Ideas

I haven’t begun my holiday shopping yet,

But, I have started jotting down gift ideas as they come to me.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of the items I’ve come across.

In turn, I hope you’ll share with me any great gift ideas you come up with.

We’re all in  holiday madness  this thing together!

Here are my five ideas for today:

1.  Mophie  –  Almost everyone could use a mophie of some sort.  What’s a mophie?  Well, there are different types of mophies, but they give you extra battery life for your phone and/or devices.  I’ve always used a Mophie battery case for my phone.  It’s basically a phone case that can charge your phone if/when you need it.  When my phone runs low on battery, I push a button on the Mophie (case) and it recharges my phone.  The two times I haven’t had it with me resulted in BIG PROBLEMS.  I would love to eventually get Mophie’s Powerstation Duo for travel also, but I don’t have one yet.  Who needs a Mophie?  Anyone who has a phone.  Who doesn’t need a Mophie?  Anyone who has access to an outlet to charge their phone all day every day.  Who really, really, REALLY, needs a Mophie?  Anyone who travels/hikes/can’t stop for constant recharging.  (Prices vary depending on how much extra battery life you want.)  Personally, I can’t live without my Mophie.  I have a red Mophie like the one shown below.


2.  Lavender Oil  –  For six bucks you can’t get a much nicer gift.  Add a couple drops to a bath, or use it in a diffuser, or put a drop or two on a little cloth under your pillowcase.  Then?  Enjoy sweet dreams!

3.  Bulgari Soap  –  When I stayed at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, my room smelled wonderful.  I realized the scent came from the Bulgari soap the hotel provided.  Most fragrances irritate my skin.  This one doesn’t.  It smells yummy and sexy and GOOD.  It’s neither a female nor male scent … it’s just good smelling stuff.  Amazon sells it in sets of six for $25.00.  It makes for an awesome gift and/or split up the package to use for stocking stuffers.

4.  Leather Writing Journal  –  I know we all have phones to jot notes down on, but I still LOVE a good journal.  There’s something timeless about having a place to record your thoughts.  This particular journal is all the things a really special journal should be.


5.  Lodge LCC3 Logic Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker  –  This is a Dutch Oven and a skillet – combined.  The skillet acts as a lid for the Dutch Oven.  I learned about this clever invention from Baby Face.  I’m a big fan of Lodge products.  This seems like an ideal gift for someone just starting out and/or a nice (affordable) add-on for a more experienced cook.


Those are my five gift ideas for today.

I’d love to hear any ideas you may have too.

(Or maybe you can share something you’ve got on your wish list for yourself?)

4 Responses to “Five Things I Like: Gift Ideas”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I’m well into Christmas shopping, but still have a ways to go yet. I love the idea of the Mophie – my phone is constantly dying because I can never remember to charge it. I wonder if they make it for a Droid Razr.

    I am a fervent devotee of Lodge cookware – their enameled cast iron is every bit as good as Le Creuset, and a fraction of the price.

    • Suzanne

      Lodge is great.
      I know they have mophies that are separate batteries and not cases. That might work on a razr?

    • Suzanne

      Aren’t they beautiful?
      It makes me want to sit by the ocean and write all day …


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