How To Order A Print

I’m not writing today’s post in an attempt to sell you photos.

I’ve received several questions from people confused about how to order my prints,

And/or questions about what the different ordering choices mean.

I’m going to (hopefully) clear up some of the confusion.

This might be a post you want to bookmark and save if you think you’ll be ordering a print this holiday season, or sometime in the future.

•  First, go to my photo website.

•  At the top of the web page you will see the word “Portfolio.”  When you hover over the word Portfolio with your mouse/cursor, several category titles will appear.  You can click on any category you’re interested in seeing.  As an example, if you know you want a beach photo you would click on the category titled “Life’s A Beach.”  All my beach-related photos will then show up.  If you aren’t sure what you want you want, click on “Browse” instead of Portfolio.  The Browse button will allow you to see all my photos.

•  Most of my photos have titles.  The titles will appear when your cursor hovers over the photo.  The titles can be helpful if you email me with a question about a particular photo.  Instead of asking me about “the pretty sunset photo,” you can ask specifically about  A Familiar Song  or whatever title the photo has.

•  Once you pick a photo you want to buy, click on it and then click the “Add to Cart” button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  Select “This Photo.”
•  Next, you will pick the size you want and the format you choose for printing.  These choices vary based on personal preference and budget.
•  Lustre is a very nice quality, normal, print.
•  Metallic is a print on metallic paper.  Colors really pop on metallic paper.  Metallic paper is a good choice for a vibrant photo.
•  Giclee prints look like professional watercolor paintings.  They turn out beautiful, subtle, and dignified.  They’re more expensive than lustre or metallic paper prints.
•  Metal Prints – Most of my sales are metal prints.  Metal prints are beautiful pieces of art.  Metal prints are expensive.  Dyes are infused into aluminum sheets and the finished product is archival quality.  They come ready to hang and do not need framing.  To see the prices of metal prints you will need to scroll to the bottom of the selection window.  Metal Prints are listed as a separate and final category.
•  Once you’ve selected the size and printing format you want, you can either choose more photos to purchase or check out.
•  Many times, photos need to be cropped slightly based on the size you select for printing.  The website makes this process, if necessary, very easy and self-guided.
•  Paying for your photo(s) is easy and similar to any other purchase you would make online.
•  Often, after ordering, you will get a notice there will be a slight delay before your order is printed.  I personally review every order, and okay it, before it gets sent to the printer.  Usually, I will have this done within 24 hours of your order placement.  It can,  however, take up to five days if I’m traveling, etc.
•  Most printers (including the ones I use) get very busy during holiday season.  In other words, if you’re ordering a photo as a gift for someone make sure you order early.
Ordering a print is really very easy and self-guided.
The different printing formats confuse people because most people aren’t familiar with what the differences are.
Hopefully, the above information clears things up.
P.S.  My prices are substantially reduced for the remainder of the holiday season.

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