It’s All About The Food

I spent a good part of my weekend doing Thanksgiving related stuff.

Holidays sure become expensive as your kids grow up.

I’ll have a total of six days of adult family/friends here – which adds up to quite a lot of groceries.

I’m very excited.

I’ve decided to make a gigantic homemade lasagna –

Possibly the largest lasagna in world history?

I can assemble it tonight, and just pop it in the oven on Wednesday.

I’ll serve it with Caesar Salad (homemade dressing) and my special-strange-bread.

(My strange bread involves dough formed into balls, tossed in olive oil, topped with herbs, and sprinkled with parmesan – then baked into a pull apart loaf.)

I’m going to make my first-ever lemon bundt cake for dessert that same night.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed the cake doesn’t become a Dessert Disaster.

I’m doubling most of my Thanksgiving recipes so there will be plenty of leftovers for dinner on Friday.

Saturday night will probably be chili or tacos … something easy.

I have a dream of having a big kitchen with tons of counter and storage space.

(Lots of fun kitchen gadgets to go in it, too!)

Instead, I have a small kitchen.

For the most part, it’s filled with a hodgepodge of hand-me-down kitchen tools.

Storing food, and cooking, for a large group of people is always a challenge.

Each year I try to add a few new kitchen items/gadgets which makes everything even more hodgepodge-y.

And yet?

It works.

I often wonder if “everyone else” has perfect sets of matching everything in their kitchen cupboards and drawers?

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  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Two things factored into our decision to buy our house: The master bedroom is on a separate floor from the kids’ bedrooms, and the kitchen. Lots of counter and cabinet space, and a gas range.

    Oh, and there’s tons of closet space. This is the first house I’ve ever lived in that has plenty of closet space.

    As for the “matching” stuff – fat chance. My guests will be eating off our mismatched plates, using our mismatched flatware and drinking out of our mismatched glasses – Beloved vetoed my suggestion this year that we buy “nice” place settings for the holidays. Oh, well…the food will make up for it.

    Your menu sounds delicious!! I love the idea of your pull-apart bread; could you give us the recipe? Please?

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I will try to post the recipe soon.
      I keep telling myself mismatched kitchen stuff is “in.”

  2. Judi

    Which lemon cake recipe did you settle on? I agree with Jan, I’d love the bread recipe. We’re hosting this year, and it’s down to 11 people (from a potential 15) which should be a nice group. I bought two 20+-pound turkeys yesterday – one for Thanksgiving and one for later (hubby likes turkey sandwiches in his lunch). I couldn’t pass up some beautiful brussels sprouts at the store yesterday, so am looking for a good shaved brussels sprouts salad recipe to counteract all the heavy food on the table.

    Our house had a tiny kitchen when we moved in, but about 8 years ago we built on a family room off the back and in the process gutted the kitchen and put in a peninsula with tons of counter and cabinet space that divides it from the new room. It’s the best thing we ever did. I feel less isolated when we have company and the extra storage and work space is awesome.

    • Suzanne

      I’m doing the one you recommended – Ina Garten’s.

      I’ll try to get the bread recipe posted soon.

      I would love to remodel my house. I had looked into it prior to my car accident, but then (with all the surgeries, etc.) it seemed like too much to take on.
      Maybe someday!

    • Denise

      Ina made a shaved brussel sprout salad on a show that was aired recently. You can probably find it on

  3. Denise

    Yum! I am also doing a lasagna on Wednesday night. It’s perfect to have for those who are already there and those who arrive later. Have you tried this dressing recipe? We are addicted and the very simple croutons are referred to as “crack” in my house!

    I have been making cornbread today and drying out the bread for my dressing, making cranberry sauce and, mostly, just getting excited! It sounds like you are as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Stacy G

    You will laugh, Suzanne. This lady at the barn gave me her recipe for making a peach cobbler except she did not write it down and I screwed it up. It was supposed to be 3 cans of canned peaches and then you pour a box of cake mix on top of it and stir it around. I think she forgot to mention the butter part which she told me about today. Anyways, I only had 2 cans of fruit and only one of them were peaches. The other one was a low sugar fruit cocktail that I got on sale. So, I used that and didn’t know about the butter or exactly how long I was to cook it. It didn’t turn out so well. My daughter tried it and it was a sort of mushy mess. She told me, ” don’t let Danielle tell you how to cook anymore. This tastes like something that they serve at seizure world.” That would be a good description of how it turned out. It tasted like nursing home food.


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