Thanksgiving Is In THREE Weeks!

I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving yesterday.

I like Thanksgiving, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite holiday.

(Maybe because it’s so much work to be the chef of a feast?)

This year, however, is my first year as an empty nester.

I find I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving much more than in previous years.

My babies will be home, under one roof, all at the same time.

(That’s not an easy feat when one lives in L.A., one lives in Texas, and one lives in North Carolina.)

The holidays are always tough on me with my bum arm.

The first few years post-accident, I really stressed out about not being able to do everything the way I was used to doing it.

My family is accustom to a one-armed mom now.

My kids know Thanksgiving means we’ll have a “chopping party.”

Everyone is given a cutting board, some veggies, and a sharp knife.

I drink wine  I do as much as I can, delegating as I need to.

It turns out to be a lot more fun, too.

(There’s a lot of laughter when you get a group of people cooking together in a tiny kitchen.)

Even though I make the same dishes my mother, and grandmother, and great grandmother used to make,

I still find myself perusing magazines and cookbooks for “new” recipes.

Every year I consider changing things up, but I never do.

It made me wonder …

What do most people do?

Do you change your Thanksgiving menu/recipes from year to year?

Or is your family steeped in traditions you wouldn’t consider straying from?

Or, maybe, a mix of both?

9 Responses to “Thanksgiving Is In THREE Weeks!”

  1. Denise

    We don’t love turkey enough to have all those leftovers so we have a big big chicken from Trader Joe’s and just a few extras. Erik’s daughters will be in Temecula so we’re meeting them in Santa Barbara on Friday for a very non-traditional meal…somewhere….I have no idea.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    There was a time you’d have been burned as a heretic if you suggested I change our traditional Thanksgiving meal – I, too, made the same dishes as my mother and grandmother.

    Over the last 10 years or so, though, I’ve become much more open to introducing different dishes or changing the traditional ones. We’ve gone from the jellied cranberry sauce that keeps the shape of the can to a cranberry-orange chutney, I’ve changed the way we prepare our turkey and sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts in some form have appeared on the table and I’ve kissed anything containing marshmallows goodbye. The only things I absolutely refuse to change is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing and her recipe for pumpkin pie.

    I’m cooking for a horde this year…and kind of looking forward to it.

  3. Mj

    I too am an empty nester, however; my daughter’s husband loves to cook so he does the whole meal. I am so thankful that I don’t have to cook anymore! After 25 years of doing it I am happy to be done. I do contribute $$ to whatever he makes though.
    The sad part is that nothing is traditional except the turkey. There is a lot of us who are now gluten free and trying to eat as healthy as possible which makes the Thanksgiving meal as far from traditional as anyone would want to go.
    On a different note, I live in the South Bay and I work very near Google. I hope the project they are doing on you will be available for us to see/read.

    • Suzanne

      How nice to have someone else step up as the cook!

      I’m pretty sure the Google project will be available to see/read.
      I’ll update info on it as I get it!

  4. Julie in Michigan

    For the most part we stay traditional for the Thanksgiving meal. My sister’s dish is always a mystery and for me I like to share a fun appetizer. What do you make Suzanne??

    • Suzanne

      Most of the dishes I make are pretty traditional.
      Maybe I’ll do a post with the exact menu?


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