The Day After

I hope all my American readers had a nice Thanksgiving.

I was so happy to wake up to a light, drizzly, rain today.

When it rains in Southern California you’re immediately excused from doing anything productive.

So … yay!

I’m very happy to be surrounded by family for a few days.

I love my family.

I’ve cooked nonstop for nearly a week.


I’m not cooking.

So far, all my culinary efforts have gone well.

The lasagna was declared “the most delicious lasagna ever” by my kids.

I thought there would be a lot leftover, but there wasn’t.

(It’s insane how much 18-24 year old males can eat.)

The lemon bundt cake was a success.

I was really worried it would fall apart when I removed it from the pan, but it looked (and tasted) great.

Awkward iPhone snap of the cake:

Cake 2 © SHaggerty 2013-1

Thanksgiving itself was also great.

I ate too much on Thanksgiving.

(Thank goodness I don’t like pie … at least I don’t have dessert regrets!)

Last night we watched There Will Be Blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis is such an amazing actor.

It’s a disturbing movie.

I have an easily impressionable brain so I had odd dreams after watching it.

I’ll have people here through Sunday evening, so I may not post again until Monday.

I hope you’re having a fun, relaxing, holiday weekend.


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