Things I Learned Yesterday

I flew into San Jose yesterday morning.

I then drove “all the way” into San Francisco.

I hadn’t originally expected to be in the city hence the San Jose airport vs. the San Francisco airport.

I haven’t had time to edit photos from yesterday yet so I thought I’d just share a few thoughts today instead.

Yesterday, I learned:

•  It takes about one hour to drive from the San Jose airport to San Francisco.

•  It isn’t a “bad” drive if you time it right.

•  The drive is totally worth it, if you’ve got a good friend to visit with when you arrive.

•  There’s a lot to photograph in the Mission District of San Francisco.

•  There’s also excellent Mexican food there.

•  The mission itself is really cool.

•  Never travel without a Mophie … or some other type of supplemental battery for your phone.

•  Be grateful for friends who help out when your phone dies.

•  For that matter, just be grateful for friends who share your type of crazy ….

Thomas Hawk Reflection © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

My only edited photo from yesterday – Thomas Hawk

•   The Haight (Haight-Ashbury ) is a whole lot of funky.

•  Yes, you CAN get high from second hand smoke if you spend enough time shooting there.

•  It’s entirely possible to drive past your hotel THREE times without seeing it … if it’s hidden down a dark alley and probably haunted.

•  If you can hear absolutely everything in an adjoining hotel room, you’ll definitely have someone in that same room who talks loudly to himself for lengthy amounts of time.

•  You should never spend time writing a blog post instead of prepping for an interview.


I’ll be back (hopefully) tomorrow …..

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  1. Denise

    Wishing you the best on your interview! And… The one-way conversation you heard must have been a hoot!


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