What A Day …

I apologize for my haphazard blog posts this week.

It’s hard to be on the road and keep up.

By the time I have a chance to write anything, I’m beyond exhausted.

Yesterday, I spent a little time at SmugMug in the morning.

(I’ll have photos to share with you once I get a chance to upload them.)

Then, I was off to Google.

I was late.

Who shows up late to a Google meeting?

I’m probably the only person ever, in the entire history of the world, to be late for a meeting with Google.

I actually arrived early, but I couldn’t find parking anywhere in the visitor lots.

I circled, and circled, and found employee only parking lots, and finally, eventually, found parking –

With the Google Valet Service.

Yes, really.

But, by then, I was late.

Most of you have probably seen photos of the Googleplex – in movies, on the web, or wherever.

It’s all true.

It’s exactly what you would expect, but even more so.

Here’s a photo of me posing with the Google Android figures ….

Suzanne Haggerty at Google © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

I loved my Google visit.

(For that matter, I loved the whole city of Mountain View.  It’s like a high-tech Mayberry.)

I had an opportunity to receive a personal tour around the Google  city  campus.

I had lunch in one of the amazing Google cafeterias …

And yes, the food really is as incredible as everyone says.

Then it was time to focus on pre-interview preparation for awhile.

We eventually made our way to a Google studio.

(Apparently, there are several Google studios.)

It was a little intimidating to walk into a real live studio …

With TV lights, tons of cameras, sound and video people, etc.

They even put a microphone on my jacket lapel.

The microphone, especially, seemed very grown-up and professional.

Obviously, Google doesn’t realize I’m not really a grown-up??

And then, it was lights, cameras, action!

I think.

It’s all sort of a blur now.

I’m pretty sure I did weird things and hyperventilated once the cameras went on.

When we were done for the day,

A couple of us jumped in a car and drove straight to Santa Cruz.

Yes, we ARE crazy.

(It’s a long way to Santa Cruz.)

The sun was setting when we arrived so we took sunset photos.

It was beautiful.

(I’ll share a photo or two with you soon.)

There were a lot of seals, one whale, zillions of pelicans, etc.

Sunset was followed by dinner.

We talked about nerdy things like pixels.

At the end of the night, it was time to head back to Mountain View.

Did I mention I’m too tired to even think?

I’ll get more into the details of this trip,

And share photos,

As soon as I possibly can.

2 Responses to “What A Day …”

  1. Denise

    I lived in Mountain View for 5 years and loved it. And then I lived in the Santa Cruz area for 6 years and loved that too. So glad you’re having fun and I look forward to your photos.

  2. Mj

    I live in San Jose and visit Santa Cruz often. Hope you were able to see Capitola while there. Such a quaint little town. There were a bazillion birds there as well and I was told because the anchovies were in masses so the birds flock there to feast. Happy to hear you are enjoying yourself here in Northern California!


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