And Now It’s December?

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

I had a great time hugging my kids (over and over again) and enjoying a lot of nice family time.

We went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire one day.

We hiked/ran/walked (on other days) depending on each person’s preference.

We ate too much.

We drank too much.

We talked a lot.

And laughed a lot.

Now, everyone’s back in their respective cities and I’m on a much needed post-Thanksgiving diet.

(My youngest will be returning to  me  California in less than two weeks for a month long, college, winter break.)

Most of my neighbors already have Christmas lights up on their houses.

I’ve haven’t begun *any* Christmas preparations.

This year, there’s a shorter than normal time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I imagine I’ll have a holiday freak-out any  day  minute now.

But …?

I have to get life caught up from a week’s worth of house guests before I can think about Christmas.

Also, I’m 99.9% sure my arm has  dislocated  subluxated  popped off my body again.

It’s hard to think about holiday preparations when your arm has popped off.

It’s a very unpleasant experience.

I might be inhaling pain meds.

I’m also being extremely careful with my bum arm in case it detaches further and falls off my body completely.


Would really freak me out.

On the other hand, having my arm pop on and off my body isn’t a total surprise – considering how much I’ve been doing over the last ten days or so.

I see Paul Newman tomorrow morning.

I hope my arm pops back into place, by itself, before then.

I hate it when he has to reassemble me.

(Every single time he does I say, “I hate this!”  And every single time he says, “I know you do.”  And then he pops my arm back in place and then I thank him profusely after yelling “Ow!” very loudly.)

P.S.  I would beg Paul Newman for an emergency arm pop-on visit, but I know he’s swamped with lots of other patients who need him.

Also?  Most of his patients are famous celebrities and/or professional athletes who   are a bigger priority than I am     probably need their limbs more than I do   have Monday appointments.

(My appointment is on Tuesday morning this week.)

I’m pretty sure I’m Paul Newman’s favorite patient, even though I’m not famous, because I make him laugh a lot.

As an example,

Every week, I force him to say I’m his very favorite patient ever.

For some reason, my  demand  request makes him laugh every single time.

P.P.S.  Yesterday was a gorgeous 80F day and then THIS happened last night.  (Catalina Island as viewed from South Laguna at sunset.)  Vibrancy was NOT increased in post-processing.


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