The Eleventh of December

I don’t know why I’m titling my posts with the date lately?

Yesterday, I discovered a gadget called Open It.


Do you have one?

I have a feeling everyone in the entire world has been using one of these except me.

It easily cuts through those annoying plastic packages and zip ties everything seems to be packaged in.

That’s the primary reason I bought it, but it does other things too.

It has a screwdriver in one side of its handle, and a box cutter edge in the other.  It also has a bottle opener built into its design.

(In case you want to pop open a beer after using it to cut through packaging?)

It only costs ten bucks.

I’m ridiculously excited about my discovery.

I’m sure, in large part, my excitement is because packaging is always a big challenge for a one-armed-wonder like myself.

But …?

I think it’s a pretty cool gadget for anyone.

I thought I’d mention it today in case any of you are in search of a small gift or stocking stuffer idea.

(Or, perhaps like me, you just want to have one on hand for yourself.)

Speaking of being a one-armed-wonder,

My arm/pain is very much improved from where it was a few days ago.

I’m so fortunate to have Dr. Painless in my life.

I can’t imagine what I would do without his help.

I do still feel a sensation like my arm is sliding in and out of my shoulder socket.

I’m not sure if it really is sliding all over the place, or if it just feels like it is.

(Most likely, it really is.)

Regardless, I’m being very gentle and careful with everything I do.

(I’m worried my arm might completely fall off.  I don’t have time to deal with a detached arm until AFTER the holidays.)

It’s amazing how much easier life seems when pain is within manageable limits.

I’m spending my morning with Baby Face at the gym.

(Legs only, of course.)

I hope he’s gentle ….

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Did you receive my email about ways to personalize the framed photo? It’s ready for pick up and I would love some way of acknowledging you work on the back side. Open to ideas.


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