The Seventeenth of December

Things are happening.

Big things, and little things, and nothing at all, all at the same time.

For instance, last night this *big thing* is what I saw out my front window.

(I wish I could have been at the beach, but it didn’t work out this time.)

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I also took some sunrise photos yesterday morning.

(I’ll share them soon.)

Lately, Mocha wakes me up each morning at the first hint of sunrise.

We take a few photos either from my bedroom window or from the bedroom deck.

Mocha’s a good photography dog.

She loves to shoot with me.

(And she gets SO disappointed if I take my camera on adventures without her.)

The sky is so beautiful, so colorful, both for sunrise and sunset this time of year.

There are a few other things going on:

•  I almost turned on my (house) air conditioner yesterday.  Instead, I spent the day a little closer to the ocean where it’s cooler.  Yes, THAT hot.  (90F in the canyon where I live!)

•  My oldest son, and possibly my daughter, will be coming home on Friday!   Yay!

•  My house is a disorganized Christmas mess.  I should probably do something about that before they get here.

•  My tree is still not decorated.  It might not happen until after Christmas?

•  Home baked cookies arrived at my house yesterday.  My mom sent them.  Isn’t that the sweetest mom thing in the world?

•  I get really excited about giving people gifts.  And, I mean REALLY excited.

•  After two (maybe three? or four?) years of refusing to consider it, I’ve caved in and agreed to (another) MRI of my arm/shoulder.  My orthopedic surgeon has wanted to do one for several years now.  Paul Newman has been pushing for it too.  I’ve previously refused because I’m adamant about not having any further surgeries regardless of what they find.  (If there’s an extra foot growing inside my shoulder, it will just have to stay there.)

•  Also?  I’ve been surgically fixed as much as I can be and I feel *absolutely sure* nothing new will show up on the MRI.  (I’m now a clairvoyant doctor??)

•  But, seriously, it isn’t like I could “grow” a new injury since my last surgery, right?

•  The recent flare-up I was in knocked me on my ass for a full two weeks.  Under the influence of pain, I agreed my doc could take a look inside my arm.  I’m scheduled for the MRI tomorrow.  Having an MRI doesn’t hurt, but I hate being enclosed in the MRI machine.  (Freaky!)  I’m dreading it ….!

•  This has been the strangest December ever.  Absolutely nothing about it has been normal.

•  Can we start the whole month over again?

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