The Twelfth of December

I’m starting to feel a little holiday-ish even though my December has been off kilter this year.

I’ve accepted a lot won’t get done ….

For instance, I won’t even be attempting to mail out Christmas cards.

(If I write “Happy Holidays” on every form of social media, is it nearly the same thing as sending out two hundred cards?)

I also know I’ll most likely be one of those people out shopping at the last minute.

(Which goes totally against my Type A personality, by the way.)


I’m sort of okay with it.

It is what it is, after all.

I’ve fought so hard for so many things these last seven years –

Some things are just better off being accepted.

This month?

Has been a mess.

I accept it.

Once you accept things aren’t necessarily going to be the way you planned,

It’s easier to enjoy the way things ARE.

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I had a great workout with Baby Face yesterday.

My upper body might be a  train  car wreck, but at least my legs are working hard.

It really surprises me to see how much stronger I’ve gotten.

My son comes home from Texas on Friday.

(Texas weather permitting.)

I’m sure he’s ready for some warm weather.

He’ll be home for several weeks.

I’m, of course, very excited to have him here.

It will also be a big help to have a set of healthy arms here.

(I’m sure he’ll help get a tree this weekend!  Yay!  I want a tree!)

4 Responses to “The Twelfth of December”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Enjoy the extra arms! I stopped sending out cards a few years ago. It just became too much and that was an easy one to give up. I know you love online shopping. It seems that everyone has eGift cards now as well. Whatever makes you life less stressful right now!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping while my arm was flared up.
      Thank God for the Internet …!

  2. Denise

    Yes, put that young man to work. Maybe he can learn to cook and put together the Christmas food. Or maybe you can have it catered? Then you can enjoy it without fear of ending up in horrible pain all over again.

    • Suzanne

      Great minds think alike.
      I’ve already asked our local Mexican dive to cater Christmas Eve.
      I’ll cook a nice dinner on Christmas, but I’m going to definitely request a lot of help.
      I love cooking, but my bum arm seems to hate it.


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