The Twentieth of December

How did it get to be the twentieth of December already?

I’ve never been such a disorganized mess as I have been this month.

(But, I suppose that just gives me a whole set of ready-made resolutions for January?)

Yesterday, Paul Newman un-kinked me for awhile.

I desperately needed it.

Someone should clone that man and make him in a portable size.

I was crazy busy the rest of the day with holiday related activities.

Last night my son asked if we could watch the animated movie How To Train Your Dragon.

He’s in college and he wanted to watch a cartoon with his mom.


My mom-heart melted, of course.

I have a couple more family members arriving later today.

I guess that means the holiday chaos (and fun) has officially begun.

And no, my Christmas tree does NOT have ornaments on it yet.

It will be a group effort this weekend.

(I’m trying to be very cautious with my arm activities.)

It rained a teeny, tiny, bit yesterday.

It was kind of nice to have a cool day.

I might be a little sporadic posting between now and New Year’s since I’ll have a lot of family stuff going on.

We’ll see how it goes ….

One day at a time, right?


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