The Twenty Seventh of December

I hope you (those of you who celebrate it!) had a very nice Christmas.

Like many of you, I’m a little worn out from all the busy-ness the holidays involve.

Every family has their own food traditions at holiday time.

We had a feast of Mexican food on Christmas Eve.

I also made a big Christmas brunch and a “fancy” Christmas dinner.

I’m taking a day or two off cooking now.

I’m a little tired of cooking.

(I’m also tired of eating.)

In fact, I think I’m just tired.

Simple meals of steamed veggies and long walks/hikes seem to be the best remedy to holiday excess.

My kids were probably a little spoiled with gifts this year,

And, for that matter, I was too.

The weather has been in the mid-eighties … absolutely beautiful beach weather.

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My arm is sore, but not as bad as expected – considering how much I’ve accomplished the last two weeks.

I asked for, and received, a lot of arm-help from my kids.

(I knew I had to after The Thanksgiving Arm Flare-Up From Hell.)

In other arm news, my MRI came back saying there are no new tears or injuries in my arm/shoulder.

It’s what I expected.  I know I haven’t been able to use my arm enough to do any new damage to it.

At the same time, it’s frustrating because it would be very nice to have a clear-cut thing to point to (and blame) for the way my arm is.

But no, my arm (nine surgeries later) just simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

When I try to use my arm, it screams – very loudly – at me until I have no choice but to stop.

I’m seeing Paul Newman later today for a much needed visit.

Although he’s been too nice to say it (yet), I think even he has pretty much given up on me.

I can’t really blame him because everybody else has also.

My arm has never been “normal” or “easy” or  possible  simple to solve.

On the other hand,

The one thing my arm IS, is isolating.

When there’s no clear cut solution, you feel very alone.

A part of me wonders what I should do now?

Keep seeking out physical therapists to “move” me in the ways I can’t, so I don’t regress?

(All the while knowing they’ll eventually tire of helping me when I don’t progress the way they hope I will?)

Give up?  (Knowing, if I do, I WILL regress into the depths of hell.)

There are no easy answers.

I’ve come so far …

And, I have a lot of very important photographs still ahead of me.

Finding the best way to make that happen with my arm …?

Sigh … that is the challenge I face every single day.

4 Responses to “The Twenty Seventh of December”

  1. Denise

    I’m glad your kids were so helpful and I’m sure the meals were fabulous.
    I doubt if Paul Newman is giving up on you, you are perhaps projecting your frustration onto him? Even if the visits keep you where you are today, and not regressing, that’s important….right?

    Are you using the Sony and do you like it? The new one has interchangeable lenses….might be the way to go for your daily “walk around” photos.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather. Ventura was the high in the nation yesterday. Crazy!

    • Suzanne

      Not regressing is EXTREMELY important to me.
      Temporary setbacks and flare-ups happen, but I do not want to regress at all.

      I use the Sony sometimes.
      It can’t do everything and isn’t for every situation.
      I don’t have an interest in the A7 at this point ….

  2. Amy

    So wonderful you had a nice Christmas.
    I’m sure you have a better feel for what’s up with Paul Newman than we do. I’ve noticed you haven’t mentioned him much lately. Maybe it is hard for him “not” to be able to fix you. If he isn’t going to help you long term than you must find someone new. (Spoken as a nurse.) Hugs and kisses.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I hope you had a nice Christmas too.

      It is hard for Paul Newman and I know he does get frustrated I’m not an easy fix.
      (As do I.)
      But, I’ve made a lot of progress with him.
      I imagine we will both just do our best …?


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