Thoughts ….

•  Orange County sunsets are breathtaking during winter months.  I knew this fact already, but I forgot it until this week.

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•  Forty eight eggs sounds like enough to feed an army, but it was not enough to last a full week with guests in the house.  (My brain is still having trouble comprehending this staggering reality!!)

•  By the way, I didn’t eat even *one* of those forty eight eggs.

•  Wandering a local college campus while on a top secret project will make a person feel old.  Very old.

•  Having a big camera while wandering a college campus will make an old person a non-student very noticeable.

•  I’ve been amazingly efficient at processing your holiday orders this year.  Things are moving along nicely!

•  I decided it would be “easy and cute” to put effort into “homemade” wrapping paper for gifts.  It turns out “little crafty things” are very expensive.

•  For instance, do you have any idea what a small package of buttons costs?  Sheesh!

•  Save your buttons, people!  Buttons are the new gold.

•  By the way, by “homemade wrapping paper” I really mean decorating plain brown Kraft paper.  I have no intention of actually making paper.

•  My metal print (for my own house!) arrived yesterday and is now hanging in my family room.  I should have ordered one for myself sooner.  It’s SO cool looking.  (I’ll take a picture of the picture in a day or two once my arm flare-up settles down.)

•  I’ve, all of a sudden, decided I want an old (but in nice condition) vintage/antique man’s watch.  I know nothing about them.  I probably can’t afford one.  Do you know anything about men’s antique watches?

4 Responses to “Thoughts ….”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I just cleaned out my sewing box yesterday and threw away all the buttons! Should I fish them out of the trash? Are you gluing the buttons on in a pattern? It sounds very “Pinterest”!
    Oh yes, I received my photo within a few days and it’s already being framed.

    • Suzanne

      Glad your photo arrived safely!

      Yes, save your buttons!
      : )

  2. Judi

    I have always saved buttons, even though I’m not crafty at all. I have quite a stash, maybe I’ll figure out to do with them when I retire.

    If you’re wandering my local college campus, feel free to pop into my office and say hello. I can offer you a comfy couch and a cool drink of water if you need a break.

    • Suzanne

      You might be able to sell your buttons?
      They charge a lot for buttons at a craft store.

      I wasn’t on your campus this time.
      If I ever am, I will take you up on your offer!
      : )


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