A Little of This, A Little of That

Hello, hello!

•  Here’s a photo I took from my backyard patio a few mornings ago.

The morning light was beautiful on the mountains ….

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We’ve had the most gorgeous weather these last few weeks.

It seems like real life doesn’t get started until next week when everyone gets back to work?

•  My youngest son is still home on winter break for another week or two.

I’m definitely not in my normal routine with him home.

•  I’ve been making a lot of SOFT foods (puddings, soups, smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc.) for my son because he had four impacted wisdom teeth removed on Monday.

•  I’ve also been at home most of each day this week since he isn’t supposed to be left alone yet.

•  Today I’m going to venture out just long enough to be tortured by Baby Face at the gym.

(It’s going to be brutal to go back after two weeks of being a sloth.  I’m dreading it even though I know I’ll be so  sore  happy once I workout.)

•  Since I’m spending so much time hanging out with my son at home, he and I have been catching up on Netflix movies.

•  I’m also reading Goldfinch.   I’m not even a third of the way into its 771 pages, but I’m completely caught up in the story.  It’s really a great book so far.

I love reading, and I’m an amazingly FAST reader, but I don’t get as much time for recreational reading as I’d like.

It’s a treat to get lost in a great story now and again.

•  I’ve also been perusing the cookbook Jerusalem.  It’s the most beautiful cookbook I think I’ve ever read.

(The photography!!)

I don’t have much experience cooking middle eastern food, but Jerusalem makes me want to experiment with it.

I’m particularly interested in the vegetable recipes.  (I’m ready to try new recipes for the new year.)

•  My friend, Nike, and I are planning on taking a few evening cooking classes at Sur La Table also.  It will be a fun friend thing to do together.

•  With my recent “at home” time, I’ve been re-organizing my photograpy library.  As you can imagine, with all the shooting I do, it’s important to keep my work files very organized.

•  My arm is feeling pretty good compared to “normal” because I’ve not been using it at all the last couple weeks.

It’s amazing how much less pain I experience if I don’t use my arm.

Of course, I can’t “not” use my arm forever.  In fact, reality is tapping me on my bad shoulder and telling me to get back to work.

(I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed the down time but I want to immerse myself in work.)

There’s a lot of really good stuff on the horizon for 2014.

I’m looking forward to throwing myself into exciting new projects and adventures.

4 Responses to “A Little of This, A Little of That”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Oooooo – cooking classes a Sur La Table! You will photograph/blog it all, yes?

    I’ve been off the last two weeks too – the first time I’ve taken any time off for myself in 6 years – and have been enjoying the greatly needed downtime as well. But I think I’ll be ready to get back in the saddle again myself – which starts this weekend. Both The G Man and The Young One are returning from their visits to see relatives in Texas – happy chaos will ensue.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t know if they’ll let me take photos and/or if I’ll have enough time to. But? Knowing me, I’ll probably manage to get at least a couple iPhone pics!

  2. Jane

    I just finished “The Goldfinch” a couple of days ago! I’ll be interested in your take on the book after you finish. Could you do a post on it?

    • Suzanne

      Now you have me very curious as to how the book ends.
      Sadly, I had no time to read today.
      Hopefully I’ll get a chance to finish it this weekend ……


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