Back To The Gym

I should be too embarrassed to write this post,

But it’s only fair I share my poor example of human-ness, right?

I skipped the last two weeks at the gym.

The first week it was because of a medical conflict I had on my “trainer” day.

The second week, the week of Christmas, my trainer cancelled due to his vacation plans.

Of course, I can go to the gym on days I don’t have trainer appointments, but I  rarely do  didn’t.

I had a lot of family at my house for the holidays.

I was on overload with everything I “had to” do.

During that two week period, I had a great time  over-indulging  celebrating the holidays with my family.

Yesterday, I went back to the gym.

It was my first visit with my trainer, Baby Face, in two weeks.

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve been dreading seeing you again?” I asked as soon as I saw him.

He laughed.

He takes insults in stride – and it’s a good thing, too!

You would *think* maybe he’d go easy on me since I’ve done pretty much nothing for the last two weeks,


You’d be wrong.

Here are a few statements that actually came out of my mouth while I was working out yesterday:

•  The machine is trying to have sex with me!!!

•  Don’t you understand the impact of Christmas chocolate?

•  You don’t really expect me to do THAT, do you?

•  I can’t.  My legs are noodles.

•  But what about my noodles?

•  When I said I’ve been doing nothing, I really meant I’ve done NOTHING.

•  More?  You’ve got to be kidding?

•  Are we done yet?

•  I’m pretty sure that’s impossible because I’m still feeling the affects of chocolate.

•  Really??   Again?  REALLY?

•  What?  No, I’m not complaining.

(Of course, I was TOTALLY complaining!!)

For his part, Baby Face doesn’t really say a whole lot.

He gives commands.

He’s a college coach so his “style” is mainly rough, gruff, communication.

He laughs at me a lot.

(“If you turn the handle this way it won’t have sex with you!”)

He sometimes asks me to tell him a story, or tells me one.

(“It helps take your mind off what you’re doing.”)

But, in spite of my moaning and groaning, I’m glad to be back at it.

There’s no question Baby Face pushes me farther than I’d ever push myself.

Now that I’ve been back to the gym,

It officially feels like a new year.

P.S.  Guess who has sore muscles today?

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  1. Mj

    Your posts just make my day! Thanks for the early morning chuckles 😀

  2. Kip

    Just seen the post on JW boat, dream of mine to go there, one day from little ole England I will


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