Google Interview

Last November, I was invited to be interviewed by Laurie Rubin from Google.

The interview was a spotlight on women in photography.

I had such a great day visiting Google’s corporate offices in Mountain View.

Suzanne Haggerty at Google © SHaggerty 2013 W-1

The interview went public last week.

I had promised to share it with you when it became available, so I’m posting it today.

I was very nervous with cameras pointed at me, so try not to laugh too hard.

(It’s so much easier to be BEHIND the camera vs. in front of it!)

Thank you again to Laurie Rubin, Nik Software, and Google for having an interest in me, and my photography.

6 Responses to “Google Interview”

  1. Erica

    I think you came across as knowledgable and likable. The examples of your work showed you are also talented. Nice.

  2. Julie in Michigan

    I watched this and now I have a voice behind the blog! You’re so cute!!!

  3. Jane

    This was a great interview! You came across as very warm and professional. You seemed very at ease in front of the camera and your answers to her questions were thoughtful and in-depth. Congratulations!


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