If Everything Was Perfect, We’d All Be Bored?

Thank you to all of you who gave me feedback on yesterday’s Stem Cell Therapy? post.

Right now, I’m leaning towards having stem cell injections done –

If … I ever get to a time and place where I can afford to do it.

(I don’t have the funds available to do it right now – and I don’t imagine I’ll have them any time real soon.)

Speaking of funds ….

My computer is “broken.”

I’m not 100% positive, but I think the graphics card (???) died.

In any case, I’m not able to work on photos at all right now.

I do have a few “spare” photos I might post between now and whenever my laptop is repaired.

I took this one as I left Laguna Beach on Sunday evening …..

(Beach bonfires are popular here year round.)

I guess, by technology standards, my computer is getting old.

I hope whatever is causing the problem  is a simple, not-too-expensive, fix.

I have all my photos, and my entire computer, backed up just in case it blows up suddenly.

I have an appointment with a “genius” at Apple on Thursday.

Realistically, I know it might be next week until I’m able to work again.

(But I had so many PLANS for the work I’d be doing THIS week!)

Stem cells, broken computers …. life is expensive, isn’t it?


Yesterday, Paul Newman spent some time un-kinking me.

(I really, really, needed it!)

He has the most magical hands.

Some people are born to do what they do.

I think it’s true for Paul Newman.

He has magic hands so he can make people who are hurting feel better.

I tell him how much I love him daily.

(I want to make sure he knows I don’t take him for granted and how much I truly appreciate him.)

(Because I really do!)

(A whole lot!)

He just nods, smiles, and puts up with me prattling on and on, and on and on, about whatever happens to be in my brain at any particular moment.

Sometimes he shakes his head in awed-amazement-disbelief of how my (very unique?) brain works.

A few hours after I visited him yesterday, my arm “popped” loudly TWICE in a row ….

I instantly knew, whatever Paul Newman had done to me worked because my arm was doing SOMETHING.

I may not be making the smoothest transition into 2014,

But I still feel confident it’s going to be a wonderful year.

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  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    “But I still feel confident it’s going to be a wonderful year.”

    After my 2013, I will join you in that sentiment. It will be wonderful, because I will make it wonderful.

    I hope you’ll be able to find the funds for the injection soon, my dear.


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