I’m Tired of Stupid (And Rude) People

Do you ever have days when you’re one hundred percent DONE with stupid people?

Having a (sort-of) public life means I have to ignore a certain amount of absurdity as it comes my way.

That’s fine.

I’ve received a (serious) marriage proposal from a man I’ve never met and laughed it off.

I’ve had various levels of stalkers and dealt with it.

But once in awhile,

The stupidity (and/or rudeness) of people drives me batshit crazy.

In the past, I’ve rarely “blocked” people on social media.

Sure, there have been a couple people I had to block (because they were downright scary), but most of the time I’ve just chosen to ignore rude and/or ignorant comments.

But …?

My philosophy is changing.

My “asshole threshold” has been lowered.

Block, block, block!

Whatever happened to, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Someone actually left a comment on one of my photos saying,

“I don’t like this one.”


You took the time to click on “comment” and type in a negative opinion …

For what purpose?

Did you want me to apologize because you don’t care for one of my images?

(A photo, by the way, which was very popular with many other people.)

Did you expect I’d immediately take it down?

If you don’t like it, just move along.

I don’t expect anyone to like every single one of my photos.

Hell, I don’t like every single one of my photos.


As an aside ….

I’m tired of people saying things like, “Well, if I had your camera I could take great photos too.”


That’s like telling a professional chef you could cook like them if you owned their stove.

Would you be a surgeon if you owned a scalpel?

An architect if you owned a drafting table?

I even had a friend say,

“I was telling XX about you.  I told her you went out and bought an expensive camera and now you’ve become famous for your photos.”

I can’t tell you how insulted I was.

(Also, let’s clarify … I am absolutely NOT “famous.”)

I have been an avid photography nut my entire, very long, life.

I had a top of the line camera and sold photos prior to my accident, but I wasn’t out actively trying to make photography my profession.

After the car accident, I couldn’t shoot for a few years.

I didn’t re-start with an “expensive camera.”

I started with a point and shoot.  I had to hold it in my left (non-dominant) hand and I took really BAD photos.

(Not because of the camera, but because it’s very difficult to shoot one handed, especially when it’s the wrong hand.)

I acquired more, and better, gear as I learned how to manage with my bum arm and began selling my photos.

I’ve put thousands upon thousands of hours of WORK into making photography my profession.

(Not to mention bazillions of hours of physical therapy ….)

I love what I do.

I’m passionate about what I do.

I think I’m pretty good at what I do.

But, folks?

It takes a lot more than buying a professional camera to be a photographer.

Think before you speak.

(Not YOU.  Of course, I didn’t mean YOU.  I meant him.  Or maybe it was her?)

14 Responses to “I’m Tired of Stupid (And Rude) People”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    For the record… I have a fairly expensive camera and for the most part – can’t take a decent picture to save my life! The only good ones I get – are by random accident. And yeah, I read the manual and have other books to help me… it is a skill. You go girl! 🙂 Sorry about the negative people. Can you imagine trying to live with them? yikes.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and thank you again for sharing your life and art with the world.


  2. Missy Stalcup

    I think the majority of us were raised with the motto “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. With social media everyone is now free to say things they would NEVER say to you face to face. What happened to good manners?

    • Suzanne

      The Internet allows anonymity … and manners disappeared with it.

  3. Mj

    What ever happen to – “Treat others as you would like to be treated”? It seems that some people were born under a rock with no concept of how to treat others. I happen to have one living in the condo next door to me. I finally got up enough nerve a few years ago and told him to back off so he pretty much leaves me alone now. Life is too dang short to deal with people that are mean.

  4. Beth Christians

    It amazes me how much negativity can be found in social media recently.

    I thought I would take the time to let you know that I truly enjoy your photos on Facebook and that you helped inspire me to pick up my camera again!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you – and I’m thrilled to hear you’re taking photos again!

  5. Judi

    I think the culture of anonymity on the web has contributed to the decline of these kinds of basic manners. People somehow feel emboldened, and also feel that they must comment on everything, as if their opinion is important in every possible arena (see YouTube comments, for example). Take comfort in knowing that they are the ones with the problem, even though I know it’s annoying to deal with.

    I don’t love every one of your pictures, but there are many that almost make me cry, they’re so stunning and evocative. And I know that, even if I were standing right next to you with my own amazing camera, I could never capture that moment as well as you. There is so much artistry involved in understanding the light, the angles, etc.

    • Suzanne

      I agree about the culture of anonymity wholeheartedly!

      And thank you on your comments regarding my photography.

  6. Julie in Michigan

    I’m tired of stupid people too. I just keep telling myself “you can’t fix stupid”.

  7. Debbie A-H

    I’m an editor, and you wouldn’t believe the number of people who tell me they could do my job. After all, they got good grades in English. Just because you own a red pen doesn’t mean you can do my job! I always tell myself that it comes from their insecurities and unhappiness. When I can frame it that way (and I can’t always manage it), I can feel sad for them.

    You are an artist. I love all your photographs, and some make me cry with their beauty–and how they take me back home. No matter how expensive the equipment, I know I couldn’t do what you do. But I’m a really good appreciator! (And that’s something I think everyone can do!)

  8. Pam

    I love your photography and am amazed that someone would think they could do the same, with the right equipment… My husband is an incredible woodworker. He’s had people tell him they could do just as well IF they had the great tools he has. It’s amazing to hear what people come up with.

    As others have said, you can’t fix stupid!



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