Surf’s Up!

The sea has been relatively calm lately.

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But, that is expected to change today.

A swell has arrived to thrill surfers and surfing fans.

(I’ll try to snap a few photos of it later this week.)

I’ve had a busy few days.

On Friday, I took a mid-day editing break so I could get a workout in with Baby Face.

Baby Face likes me to do terrible things like zillions of squats up and down the length of the gym –

While lifting a weight up and down above my head with my “good” arm.

Who thinks up things like that?

I imagine him staying up all night, scowling at his notebook, trying to come up with new exercises.

Clearly, he has nothing better to do than to think of ways to torture me?

I was on an assignment a good deal of last Saturday.

I’m very “focused” when I’m shooting.

I would probably be really embarrassed if anyone ever videotaped me working.

They might catch me scaling up sharp rocks, or up to my waist in the ocean, or laying down in the sand …

I only see what my camera sees.

When I’m done, I realize I’m a total mess.

You’d be horrified to know what I look like at the end of a few hours of beach shooting.

A post-shoot shower (or two?) is always needed immediately.

When I was done last Saturday, I took this photo of my shoes.

Sandy Nike Sneakers © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

There might be more sand on, and in, my shoes and socks than what was left on the beach?

My daughter and a few friends were visiting and staying here on Sunday and Monday.

We did a lot of  wine drinking  cooking on Sunday.

It’s still summer here – with weather in the 80’s.

I know we (really!) need rain,

But it’s difficult to even think of cooler weather when it’s absolutely gorgeous outside every day.


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